Best Slazenger Tennis Balls | 2023

Here you will find the best Slazenger tennis balls, you will know a little about the importance of this brand in tennis and you will be able to see how different options that fit your style of play can be compared.

The Slazenger brand is an English brand that has been in the market for more than 120 years, its main products focus on the development of equipment for sports such as tennis and golf, over the years this brand has shown us a strong legacy in the Production of tennis balls by contributing technology that accommodates the type of track, environment and training that takes place.

Let me show you some of the best Slazenger tennis balls you’ll find on the market.

Why Slazenger tennis balls?

It is no coincidence that being the Slazenger tennis balls a British product, is associated with one of the most important Grand Slam of this country: Wimbledon, Hence its good reputation as an ideal tennis ball for grass or grass court, reputation similar to that of the Wilson tennis balls in the United States.

However, while it has an excellent performance on grass or grass type track, it is also quite functional on all other courts, it is a very complete ball with technology that accommodates the environment in which it is played.

Slazenger tennis balls come in tube type presentation with combinations of 3 or 4 balls, in bucket or boxes. each with its own brand characteristics.

Pelota de tenis Slazenger

Keep in mind that each brand offers you a variety of wholesale tennis balls that accommodate the type of floor on which you will play, quality and durability, three important criteria when choosing a pack of tennis balls ideal for you.

The best Slazenger tennis balls

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Slazenger Tennis Balls on Sale

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What are the best Slazenger tennis balls?

#1 Tennis balls Slazenger Wimbledon

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The Slazenger Wimbledon is the queen ball of this great brand, it is the Slazenger tennis ball used in the Wimbledon tournament, it is characterized by its excellent functionality on grass / grass, we can say with certainty that it is one of the best tennis balls you will find on the market.

THE SLAZENGER WIMBLEDON TENNIS BALL has a patented technology of the Slazenger brand called Ultra vis, an exclusive dye that creates optimal visibility for the player and spectators on the ball.

#2 Slazenger Wimbledon Balls

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The Slazenger Wimbledon tennis ball is an ideal ball for several courts, you can find it both in important open as the Australian Open or also in training clubs and for domestic use, it works very well on every surface or environment.

The SLAZENGER Wimbledon comes with a patented technology called Hydro-Guard, it is a fabric that repels up to 70% more water than a standard ball, giving it excellent performance in humid climates, pressurized for use in different environments.

What were tennis balls like in the past?

Formerly the tennis ball had several versions and adaptations, as time and technology progressed, materials were improving. Fortunately that happened! You’ll realize why.

It all starts in the fourteenth century. At that time tennis was known as the ‘Jeu de Paume’. The ball was a Stuffed hair bag that the people of the time beat with their hands. The racket did not exist yet, you can believe it!

Years later they created a more resistant ball The filling of the balls was a combination of putty, hair and later also wool.

pelotas de tenis slazenger

At the end of the eighteenth century, already introduced the grass as a new track, the first vulcanized rubber balls were created and there were no more changes until the late 60s and they began to make tennis balls as we know them now.

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