Wilson tennis brand has always been one of the best known brands in the prestigious sport that is tennis. Do you want to know which tennis players play with Wilson? Wilson’s best tennis products? Wilson’s short history? All this and more in this page, keep reading…

Wilson tennis brand

Best Wilson tennis products of 2021

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Short history of Wilson in the tennis world

Wilson is one of the oldest, though not the most popular, tennis brands and was founded in 1913 in Chicago, USA. Over the years, it has become the favorite tennis brand for beginners and many of the tennis elite players like Roger Federer. Finally, Wilson is the most recommended brand by tennis academies globally and undoubtedly offers the best technology in tennis rackets in this era. Having Wilson tennis equipment is a privilege, as few brands can compete with the materials that this innovative brand uses for its new products.

You might think that the Wilson tennis brand started making tennis racquets but in reality, at first they only made tennis strings from animal products, and that is why Wilson’s racquet strings are so well received in today’s tennis society, especially the “Luxilon” collection.

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At first Wilson was not called Wilson, in fact, before the company was renamed "Wilson Sporting Goods", it was called "Ashland Manufacturing". In 1915, Thomas E. Wilson took full control of the company, expanding into other markets and becoming the brand with the greatest impact on emerging sports in the 20th century.

Which professional tennis players use Wilson equipment?

A large number of tennis players are sponsored by the Wilson brand. Roger Federer or Serena Williams, as many of you know, are the top representatives of this brand on the court. Roger Federer has tennis rackets specifically designed for him, measured to the millimeter, to help the champion that he is. His racquet of choice is the “Wilson Pro Staff”, a marvel of design. Now, there are many more players who use Wilson equipment:

Is Wilson just a tennis brand?

Not at all, Wilson is a sports brand, although of course, in some sports they are more specialized than in others such as tennis, golf, volleyball, football or basketball. During the second World War, this company also produced tents, sleeping bags and helmets for soldiers, although later it would leave this world, and focus only on sports.

Due to the firm’s popularity, it sponsors elite players in many sports, thus generating abundant capital for the development of new products such as the new “Wilson Clash” tennis racket.