Difference between grip and overgrip

Many players have no idea what grips and overgrips are, much less how different they are. Although it’s simple once you understand it, it can seem complicated to understand at first and that’s why we decided to create this post to solve the doubt and so you can learn the difference between grip and overgrip as well as what each one of them is. I tell you already that they are very similar but there are key parts that YOU MUST understand… keep reading and you will discover it.

What do you think is the difference between a grip and an overgrip?

Overgrips are much thinner than grips as their purpose is to slightly increase grip thickness. They are also used to improve the grip of the racquet and there are several types of overgrips … and they have these characteristics:

difference between a grip and an overgrip

  The reason why more people use overgrips is because of their low cost and because of this, people change them all the time and there is a wide variety of models with thousands of colours to choose from. Curious, isn’t it? Why do you think tennis companies put their overgrips at such a low price when they are essential for the player? They could earn much more! Better for us…

On the other hand, to clarify the difference between a grip and an overgrip, tennis grips are the grips you already have in place when you buy a racquet. These are usually of poor quality so I recommend you put an overgrip on them as soon as possible.

The big difference between a grip and an overgrip is that grips have an adhesive layer on one side and overgrips do not. Another small advantage over overgrips is that grips don’t have to be placed so you don’t have to learn how to place a tennis grip. And of course, finally, they provide good cushioning because tennis grips are fatter and absorb more impact.    

Why are grips and overgrips so important to use?

I think you still don’t know if you should take the jump and buy a tennis overgrip despite the many advantages it offers and that’s why I’m going to convince you. Have you never been training or playing a match for a long time? If your answer is yes, then you have probably had some blisters and chafing after the match or even during the match. This makes it difficult for you to play as comfortably as possible because every time you grab your grip you will feel a very uncomfortable pain. Believe me, I know what I’m talking about…

Well, I just want you to enjoy this sport and I’m telling you right now, by putting a simple tennis overgrip on your grip, you’ll be much more comfortable and with MUCH less blistering! Mind you, blisters are inevitable. There are more tricks to prevent blisters like putting plaster on your fingers for maximum grip. Tennis players like Rafa Nadal opt for this solution although, as I said before, they are inevitable:  

  Another thing that could happen to you if you don’t use an overgrip, is that you slip your racquet in the middle of a very tough game. Imagine you’re on a Tie Break and in the middle of a key point your hand slips and you lose the point simply because you weren’t wearing an overgrip to absorb your sweat. That’s got to make you angry. Besides, we don’t want you to end up doing something crazy like this, which could cost you a lot!  

Rafa Nadal´s hand with adhesive tape

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