The Wilson brand could not be left behind and brings us a special tennis shoe, worthy of use in professional tournaments and suitable for any player, whether professional or amateur, the Wilson Kaos Comp shoe has everything you need for an exceptional game.

Some review this tennis shoe and catalog it as a shoe suitable only for clay, the truth is that this shoe is All court type, however its characteristics are very optimal for clay courts, an advantage that is not common in tennis shoes of other brands.

Let us show you why the Wilson Rush Pro shoe is so desired in the market and what advantages it brings compared to shoes from other brands.

Wilson Rush Pro | For any surface

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Features of the shoe wilson Rush Pro

While the style of the Rush Pro Shoe is somewhat unusual and does not allow variations for its unique color, sacrificing style for performance will leave you with your mouth open, it is designed for players who want to experience the quality of a professional game and get ready to advance to a new level, Among the main features you will find are the following:

Zapatilla Wilson kaos comp 01

Many other advantages and technologies we could mention of the Wilson Rush Pro shoe, however we recommend you see more options that fit your style and there take the best decision.

Advantages of the Wilson Rush Pro shoe compared to other shoes

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Which players is the wilson Rush Pro shoe best suited to?

The wilson Rush Pro shoe has been designed to encourage the club player to have a high-level tennis shoe that prepares him for a competitive level and enhances his playing experience on any type of court.

We are all aware that there are substantial differences between the different tennis courts, the fast courts require greater resistance in the feet and more speed, the clay courts require better control and spin, the grass requires better effects to take advantage of the track and this can make you think that it is necessary to have a tennis shoe for each one, if you are at a learning or amateur level we do not recommend it, for that there are shoes like the Wilson Rush Pro shoe.

Finally, if you consider that feeling your feet light, that the sensation with the floor is the minimum possible and having your shoes for a long time, these shoes are also ideal for you.


Regardless of whether you have a favorite brand or if it is the first time you are in search of a tennis shoe, we recommend you to see this full review of the Wilson Rush Pro sneaker, It will give you the necessary tools to understand what criteria are necessary when choosing a tennis shoe, will also help you compare between other shoes see the advantages between one and the other, what if we are sure is that thanks to this review you can take the best decision and have the shoes of your dreams.

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