Here you will learn why the balls I am going to show you are the best wilson tennis balls and you will also discover which one is the best for you depending on your level of play and the type of tennis court you usually play on. Think about your purchase because Wilson balls can improve your feel with the ball and the racket. At we select the best quality and best priced balls for you, so don’t worry about that.  

Why the Wilson tennis balls?

While the Penn brand sets the bar very high for good tennis balls, Wilson stands firm on quality and variety (and some will say they last longer than Penn balls). The official ball and the favorite for the U.S. Open and Australian Open come in Extra Duty for the harder courts and in Regular Duty for the clay and indoor courts.

wilson tennis balls

The U.S. Open line represents probably the best tennis balls for hard courts by wilson. Wilson also announced a partnership with Roland Garros; the only grand slam tournament played on clay courts. Wilson will provide new balls for the event starting in 2020. Wilson also sells two other professional balls: one for courts with more than 3,500 feet of elevation (U.S. Open High Altitude) and one made explicitly for grass courts (U.S. Open Grass Court).  

In addition, Wilson tennis balls are of excellent quality and employ the latest in ball technology including balls capable of adapting to every type of surface whether it be grass, dirt, fast court or all three in one! Read on to see the best options for you

Best wilson tennis balls

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The best Wilson tennis ball pack

Wholesale wilson tennis balls are key to your training session to not be all the time picking up the balls, that’s why here I leave you buckets of wholesale wilson tennis balls to avoid this tedious and common problem

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Wilson balls for every type of tennis court

Wilson manufactures clay balls, (the official Grand Slam Roland Garros balls) balls designed for use on any tennis court that exists for hard courts and grass courts. A curious fact about tennis is that there is more than 1 playing surface and also there are different types of equipment for each tennis court such as tennis shoes or tennis balls which makes it a very complex sport to understand absolutely everything. But here, at, we will turn you into a tennis know-it-all machine. Watch out for new posts, subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to read it!  

Clay courts

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Hard courts

Wilson also offers balls for the hard courts so that if you are one of those who play on this surface, you can perform well thanks in part to the good adaptability of the ball to the surface of the tennis court.

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All surfaces

All tennis brands such as Babolat, Head or Dunlop offer this type of tennis ball and Wilson is no different. Wilson has a wide variety of balls suitable for all surfaces so you don’t have to worry about the balls every time you change courts.  

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The new wilson Triniti tennis ball, the future of balls

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