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The Luxilon brand begins an era of string manufacturing with an alliance with Wilson in 2005, creating filament technology that will exceed the expectations of players, deepening the development that the Wilson brand had but leaving Luxilon to focus on tennis strings, a process that fulfilled very well.

It is considered that a tennis string marks the personality and style of play of a professional competitor, in the tennis string the personality of the player and his ability to know how to attack and what strategy to use against a certain player is evident.

Let us show you why luxilon tennis strings are so acclaimed in the market and which lines and products will be ideal for your style of play.

Why Lutilon tennis strings?

Currently, 71% of the ATP top 100 and 52% of the WTA play with Lutillon tennis strings. Many are expert players like Roger Federer and Serena Williams. Luxilon has designed several lines of strings focused on improving different attributes that are important in the game.

An example of a line of Luxilon tennis strings is the LXNSmart, it is the first designed to process the speed of oscillation and adapt its properties at the time of the game. The characteristics of the fiber within the polymer material change depending on the speed of oscillation and offers a performance similar to polyester much matching the feeling you have with multifilament. It is aimed at all types of players, from amateur or beginner players to professional players, some consider that using a low tension in this string improves their qualities.

Something special that Luxilon does in these times is its social contribution as a social responsibility as a company. It supports wheelchair tennis and as part of its ecological program, they have their own honeycombs to collaborate in the protection of bees, with about 100,000 specimens, as well as their own internal system for water recycling and waste reduction, something important to do in today’s companies It’s like being attentive to what a string needs to accommodate a player.

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As we mentioned previously, luxilon tennis strings have different lines and each one has different attributes that suit your style of play, your level as a player and the force you apply to the strokes, important criteria when choosing an ideal tennis string for you.

The best Luxilon tennis strings

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Luxilon tennis strings on sale

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What are the best Luxilon tennis strings?

#1 Adrenalian Luxilon Tennis String

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The Luxilon brand was born with the aim of potentiating the aftermarket in the world of tennis, together with an alliance with Wilson bring us one of the best luxilon tennis strings on the market, with an exclusive material of this brand that is Crystalline liquid polymer and an ideal monofilament to reduce stress in the game, achieving optimal gameplay.

THE LUXILON ADRENALINE is one of the optimal luxilon tennis strings for players on the baseline with strong strokes in search of greater control and rotation. Precise strokes and great feeling of the tennis ball. It comes with 12.2m long, enough to string a tennis racket only once.

2. Luxilon Alu Power 1.25 tennis string

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It is said in the world of tennis that among the luxilon tennis strings, the Alu power is used by at least 60% of professional players, made with state-of-the-art technology with materials rarely used in tennis strings such as aluminum and polyetheretherketone, materials used to achieve an optimal variation of the strings in the hit with the ball.

Thanks to the Luxilon ALU POWER many players have given excellent reviews of these strings, positioning it as one of the best Luxilon tennis strings you will find on the market, it comes in presentation of 12.2 meters, enough to string a tennis racket.

#3 Luxilon Element Tennis String

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This tennis string is part of a legendary line of Luxilon tennis strings, the big Banger, its composition is made of polyetheretherketone providing a durability and unique power, will give you a surprising lifted in the game, The Wilson brand has been responsible for positioning this string throughout the United States and has achieved it, this string is ideal for both professionals and beginners, so if you want to invest and give yourself a treat, It is the best option for you.

Tennis strings like the original Luxilon makes this brand so desired by many professional players, it will give you the durability and quality you want so much, special touch sensation and accurate blows when colliding with the ball, it comes in presentation of 200 meters of string, in this way you have enough to string your racket about 15 or 16 times.

#4 Luxilon 4G Tennis String

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The 4G tennis string comes in its acclaimed black color as an alternative to players who like to combine their racket with the string and at the same time have a quality string, this tennis string is made of liquid crystalline polymer, material that provides an excellent feeling to the player when hitting the ball.

Luxilon tennis strings are characterized by innovating in the creation of their strings with materials that are elastic and powerful allowing you to choose the ideal tension that the player wants, a clear example is the SAVAGE BLACK, comes with 12.2 meters enough to be able to string your racket only once.

What is the most famous tennis string in the world?

In the world of tennis you will find countless brands that will offer you accessories for your racket, your clothing and even in your personal training or for the tennis court, however… Few have become a trend or become famous in the world of tennis.

Getting to understand which is the most famous tennis string in the world It is a difficult task, many sports critics and professional players have leaned towards some tennis strings for their exceptional characteristics, in the same way within the same brands there are lines of tennis strings that are favorites and that make a special market for players to acquire them, this is the case of the RPM Black Blast of Babolat or the ALU Power of Luxilon, They are impressive tennis strings that provide a security of play to the professional giving him an exceptional spin and lifting.

We can say that Luxilon tennis strings fulfill their purpose well by cataloging itself as the most famous tennis string brand in the world, especially for having the endorsement of the Wilson brand in the American continent, this allowed him to open doors not only in the old continent but also in America.

cordajes de tenis luxilon

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