Best Head Tennis Strings | 2023

Head offers a wide range of tennis strings that people wear and rely on every time they play. When a person finds the right string for him, he is likely to stay with him for a long time.

The company may not have the widest range of strings, but it offers some very reliable options for any style of play. Here are the best of the best, which allow people to find something that works for them.

The best Head tennis strings

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What are the best Head tennis strings?

#1 Sonic Pro Tennis String Head

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The Head Sonic Pro proves that not all polyesters have to be super the arm. It is one of the softest polyester cords available, while still offering good effects and control.

Many players look for a noticeable change when trying a new type of string. Whatever the starting point of a person with the strings, the Sonic Pro has a unique feel. Some people fall in love with it immediately, while others adapt to it. There’s a reason it’s continued to be one of Head’s best-selling string options year after year.

A lot of people have issues with the durability of the string, which is a bit disappointing considering all the positives. The good news is that it's pretty cheap, so it doesn't need to last as long as other polyesters.

2. Head Hawk tennis string

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Head Hawk polyester strings are very sturdy and high-powered, allowing advanced players to take a quick swing and have a good amount of control. Many people have tried this string and compared it directly to some of the best polyesters on the market, and there is very little difference overall.

Its best quality is the amount of effects that a person can produce with the string. You need the right strokes, but after that, the string does a lot of the hard work. Players who hit with topspin will be able to move the ball a little more, without having to sacrifice the effects they are used to achieving.

This string also offers a fair amount of touch. Some attribute the credit to the chemical additives used in the construction of the string. Even after prolonged use, the string maintains the same level of consistency, which greatly contributes to players becoming more precise in their strokes.

Just keep in mind that this polyester, like any other, is not the easiest for the arm of those who have problems. It's best to start using a polyester string in a hybrid configuration and see how it works. It's not for everyone, especially older people who are used to using softer settings in general.

#3 Head Synthetic Gut Tennis String

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For a competitive tennis player, this won’t make much sense. Most players reach a certain level where synthetic casing is not going to provide a ton of value compared to other options out there. However, as an initiation cordage, it is difficult to find something so cheap and still effective.

The first thing a person with this string will notice as a beginner is that it has a very lively feeling. The player will not have to make such a strong swing to get the same results and will be able to focus more on control.

Speaking of control, the lining of the ropes also helps with this. The ball stays on the string bed a little longer, allowing the player to keep more balls on the court than before. Many beginners have trouble controlling their shots encouragingly, but this string helps a lot.

Comfort should always be a pretty big concern for a beginner, so it's good that the synthetic casing provides exactly that. It's just not going to perform enough for high-level players to count on it. For those who like the feeling, a natural casing will be much more expensive but in the end it will be a much better option.

#4 Head Velocity tennis strings

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This string is ideal for those who want a pleasant feeling for the arm. It comes with the same low-friction coating that helps durability. Multifilaments break more often than other strings, so the added durability comes in handy.

It has some potential for effects, but not at an extreme level. Power also sits somewhere in between, with some control overall. It's a good first choice of multifilament to play around and see if you like it.

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