The Babolat tennis brand has always been one of the leading brands in the prestigious sport of tennis. Do you want to know which tennis players play with Babolat? Babolat’s best tennis products? Babolat’s history? All this and more on this page, read on…  

Best Babolat Tennis Products of 2023

Babolat tennis brand

A Brief History of the Babolat tennis brand in the World of Tennis

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Babolat is the oldest tennis brand, founded in 1875 in Lyon, France. Over the years, it has become the favorite brand of tennis for tennis fans and most professionals. Finally, Babolat is the brand most recommended by tennis clubs globally and undoubtedly offers the best quality tennis rackets at this time. Having Babolat tennis equipment is a privilege, as few brands can match the materials that this innovative brand uses for its new products.

You may think that the tennis brand Babolat started to manufacture tennis rackets but in fact, at the beginning they only manufactured tennis strings, and that's why Babolat's racket strings are so well regarded in today's tennis society.

According to Eric Babolat, in this brand “We develop our rackets by observing the evolution of tennis, the style and the needs of each player” by reading this, you know that Babolat is a brand that generates confidence and security not to mention the prestige of the brand. If you want to know more about Babolat’s history, take a look at this page.    

Which famous tennis players use Babolat equipment?

Many players are sponsored by the Babolat brand. Rafa Nadal, as many of you know, is their top representative on the court. Rafael Nadal has tennis rackets specifically designed for him, measured to the millimeter, to help the champion that he is. Now, there are many more players who use Babolat equipment:  

How do you work with the Babolat brand?

A fact that very few of you will know is that in all professional tennis tournaments, there is a room where the team strings and prepares each player’s racket, and they start working to have the racket(s) ready before the match begins. I leave you with an informative video in which a man will explain the process and the amount of details that need to be done before handing over the racket to the tennis player, as well as showing you this room. You will be surprised…