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Tennis rackets are the basic tool to play tennis, they are the key element of the quality of play of a tennis player with a considerable level. A tennis racket is more than that, it is a way to feel represented on the court, whether you are a competitive, aggressive, calm or balanced person. If you are a lover of the world of tennis this is your website.

We will show you all the tricks, models and opinions to make your tennis racket the icing on a perfect tennis day.


What age range do you fall into?

In the world of tennis rackets it is very important to take into account your age since there are countless rackets with different weights and sizes that can harm your game if you have not chosen the right one.

We classify the types of tennis rackets so that you have a wide selection that suits you specifically.

What is your ideal adult tennis racket?

There are countless models so it is normal that you do not know which racket to buy that best responds to your needs. In we have classified them so that you can find what you are looking for.

Select your level of play to find the perfect racket for you whether you are an adult, senior or teenager.

For the youngest, how tall are you?

There are countless models so it is normal that you do not know which racket to buy that best responds to your needs. In we have classified them so that you can find what you are looking for.

Select your level of play to find the perfect racket for you whether you are an adult, senior or teenager.

Best tennis racket brands

There are countless of tennis racket brands on the market. The most prominent are Babolat, Wilson and Head although there are alternatives such as Yonex, Prince or Dunlop. The latter offer a smaller variety, but it is compensated by the quality of the tennis rackets they offer.

Knowing all the brands of tennis rackets is important when evaluating what type of tennis racket you are looking for. In we show you the rackets of the best brands.

Types of tennis rackets

Power racket

  • Large racket head
  • Large in length
  • Rigid and wide frame
  • Lighter construction/weight
  • String pattern 16x19

Control racket

  • Smaller racket head
  • Standard length
  • Flexible and slim frame
  • Heavier construction
  • String pattern 18x20

Intermediate Racket

  • Medium racket head
  • Standard length
  • Semi-rigid frame and medium thickness
  • With an intermediate weight
  • String pattern 16x19

What should I consider before buying a tennis racket?

The tennis racket is the most important tool in this sport and that is why you can not buy any racket since there are better and worse. Now, a tennis racket that goes well for you may not go well for a friend of yours. Each person is different and this also applies in the world of tennis. If you are looking to buy the best tennis racket for you, you have to take the following factors into account:

The level of play you have plays a key role when deciding which tennis racket to buy. Depending on whether you are a beginner in the sport or if you consider yourself an amateur or a professional, you will need one type of racket or another. Beginner tennis players usually need a racket of basic materials and with a lower weight to facilitate the maneuverability of the racket in the air.

On the other hand, players with more experience will already need tennis rackets with a greater weight to take full advantage of the hitting power and also, it is recommended that they use racket of a higher range.

The price range is very varied in the world of tennis rackets since there are all kinds of tennis rackets. The price is a determining factor when buying a racket but more important is to know that the racket you plan to buy adapts to you and your needs.

It is better to buy a more expensive racket if that racket offers you those key features that make your game improve significantly. Since, if you opt for one of a lower price and lower quality, you could be playing at a lower level than you could play.

As is logical, a tennis racket with good durability will extend the life expectancy of it. However, there are countless tennis rackets that do not last long, either because of the poor quality of the materials used or the abusive use of the racket. For example, if an adult plays with a children’s racket, it will break more easily since the children’s racket is not designed to hit as hard.

On the other hand, a racket with good durability can last for many years and you would only have to change the string of the racket from time to time depending on the type of player you are. All recognized tennis brands such as Babolat, Wilson or Head have great durability in their tennis rackets.

The size of the tennis rackets is another very important factor when choosing the racket you are going to buy. This is because if you choose a racket of smaller or larger size than you should have, you will reduce your level of play. That is why it is important to buy an adult-sized racket if you are a person who measures more than 140 cm and a racket of smaller sizes if you measure less than 140cm.

The difference between a quality racket with a low quality one is abysmal. The quality of a racket is based on the materials from which it is made, the technologies implemented and the aerodynamic design of the racket. Graphite material and carbon fiber are the best quality materials and lower quality rackets are usually made of only carbon and other metals such as aluminum.

I recommend you opt for good quality rackets at fair prices for what you receive and here in we show you only this type of products, so you can make the best decision.

What range of tennis rackets should I buy?

What racket should I look for for my level of play?


As a beginner, you are taking your first steps in tennis and building the basic technique that will help you progress in your game. The key ingredient here is that the racket is easy to use. If you’re trying to play with a heavy racket, then it’s much harder to learn the right techniques, and you’re not going to see many benefits.

Instead, you want a racket that focuses on maneuverability and comfort, while also giving you the performance you need.

One thing to remember is that the racket you end up with will probably be very different from the one professionals use on TV.

Hopefully your tennis will progress quickly and you will soon qualify as an intermediate tennis player, but if you make the right choice about your beginner's racket, then it should last you even as you keep improving your strokes.


With your beginner racket you wanted something that will facilitate the learning of the fundamentals and the return of the ball to the other side of the court. However, with your intermediate level racket, you need something that gives you a little more performance to try to get the most out of the strokes you had already developed.

So, it’s really a balancing act between ease of play and performance. As with any racket, this is going to depend largely on your level of play, style of play, age and fitness, so it’s all about finding the racket that suits you.


The best tennis rackets for advanced players should cater to those who can generate their own energy and have solid technical fundamentals. Therefore, it is unlikely that you will need a ton of extra energy in your racket.

Although easy power generation is always a plus of any racket, many modern rackets, especially when equipped with the right string configuration, will give a decent power level (even those more oriented to ball control).

Therefore, as a player who uses his body to make full swings to the ball, who seeks to control shots in the stretch and who needs a racket to feel solid in pressure situations, you will look for one that helps you control the ball with pinpoint precision.

And which one is best for my style of play?

Features of tennis rackets

⮞ Racket weight

⮞ Head size

Larger heads will produce more power than smaller heads. In addition, those with a larger head have more space to hit the ball which also increases the chances of impacting with the ball with the string of the racket.

If your desire is to have one of the best rackets, then you should opt for those with a head size of between 95-110 square inches as these practically guarantee professional control and ideal power.

In short, the larger rackets are best for beginners or intermediate level players who want to have more decent power and a finer stroke with the ball. And smaller stringed rackets are more focused on the more talented players with a more noticeable ease of use of the racket as their desire to have greater control and accuracy.

⮞ Racket length

The most normal thing is that the best tennis racket measure about 27 inches in length although there are up to 29 inches which is the maximum you can have to play tournaments legally.
The longer the racket, the more power they will generate, the easier it will be to take out and they also have a greater range in the strokes at the bottom of the tennis court, much better than those of a more normal length.
Players who choose to acquire a longer racket will like to hear that most rackets of this type are lighter than others with a shorter length so that they can be more easily controlled, in other words, maneuvered. Below you can see the parts of a tennis racket:

The downside of longer rackets is that increasing the length of your racket will also lengthen your swing which could hurt you or make it harder for you to adapt to that racket if you came from a shorter length.

Buying a new tennis racket has never been easier

From we want to make it easy for you. We spend a lot of time analyzing and comparing all models and types of tennis rackets to be able to offer you truthful and useful opinions so that you know which racket to buy according to your needs.

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As a result of this exhaustive analysis and comparison of all the rackets on the market, it takes us to the next step: finding the best prices on the market for you. On our website you can find a wide range of rackets of all kinds: children, for professionals, for beginners, Babolat etc. Discover them and choose your perfect racket!

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