Best Penn Tennis Balls of 2023

Many of the tennis balls that you will find in American tournaments or training clubs in the United States will be Penn brand.

The Penn Tennis Balls Little by little they have forged a path of quality and improvement that has allowed them to be classified as one of the Best brands of tennis balls in the world, you will find Penn tennis balls of various types, depending on the environment, age and even the surface on which you play.

Let me show you some of the best Penn tennis balls you’ll find on the market.

Why Penn tennis balls?

As we mentioned earlier,Penn tennis balls are the #1 tennis balls in the states. United, they have been in the market for more than 100 years and are still the favorites, they stand out for being leaders and over the years they have improved their technology in favor of the balls

Penn tennis balls are made for different surfaces. Extra-Duty felt for hard courts, Regular-Duty for softer courts (clay, grass) and Extra-Duty High Altitude for courts located at higher elevations (4000+ feet above sea level), each characterized by its yellow color, a color we always associate with tennis.

You will find Pen tennis balls that come in tube type presentation with combinations of 3 or 4 balls, in bucket or in boxes. each with the characteristics of the brand.

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Best Penn Tennis Balls

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Best Penn Tennis Ball Deals

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What is the best Penn tennis ball?

#1 Penn Championship Balls

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The Penn Duty Tennis Ball is a super ball of great quality that has been subjected to many tests to achieve it, they are ideal for slow court although it works for all types of tracks, its natural rubber gives a feeling of resistance, they are approved by the USTA and the ITF so they are of high quality and are available in different extra-strong felts, Regular or high altitude work and extra resistant. Nothing to envy to other brands of balls.

#2 Penn Pro Marathon Balls

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The Pen Pro Marathon is one of the most durable Penn tennis balls, has technology in its felt for good visibility and a prolonged game, you can choose in your purchase the tube of 3 balls or if not the box of 72, You will find excellent reviews of satisfied customers with this tennis ball.

If you are an amateur in the world of tennis, this ball can be your companion to strengthen and improve your skills!

#3 Penn Championship Tennis balls

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The Penn Championship is the type of Penn tennis ball that was created for beginners or children who start in the world of tennis at an early age, Its felt is resistant so it is suitable for any type of court (fast court or clay) and its durability is good, its compression is lLower for controlled bounce and a reduced speed of 25%.

It allows you to improve your skills without feeling affected by the speed that a professional ball can have.

#4 Penn High Altitude Tennis Balls

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The Penn High Altitude Tennis Balls They are ideal for soft bone clay courts, on this track you can fully exploit the technology offered by this ball, although you can also use it for all other tracks, their reviews are good, it stands out for feeling soft to the touch with the racket.

You will find it in the format of 3 tennis balls in a simple plastic boat easy to carry anywhere.

Why are Penn tennis balls so famous in America?

The wide range of tennis ball brands, each with its special technologies makes it difficult to know which tennis ball is the best, however in the United States they already have their favorite.

Penn tennis ball stands out pOrque is a veteran brand that has been able to maintain, innovate and progress Over the years, it has been an official ball of the IRT, USPTA, AARA, and has also helped in social causes, and for lovers of environmental care they recycle their rubber, do not throw oil to the planet and give second chances to used balls, for that and much more is the #1 of Americans.

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