Wilson tennis strings are a real luxury. Discover and learn here why they are, seeing different points of view while we learn curious reasons and recommendations for you the players. The best offers are guaranteed, but of course, keeping the quality. Read on to enter the complex world of tennis strings.

Why Wilson tennis strings?

Wilson is one of the most prestigious brands of tennis strings and is the trusted brand of a significant number of elite tennis players since they began producing tennis equipment, so you can see why it is one of the oldest tennis brands in history. Its popularity and trust is largely due to the success of professional tennis players. Roger Federer, who has been using a Wilson racket for years, and Serena Williams who is a historic tennis player. Due to their success, hundreds of professionals currently use Wilson tennis rackets such as Gaël Monfils or the Argentinean Juan Martín del Potro.


wilson tennis strings on clay tennis court

In addition, Wilson tennis strings are of excellent quality, with many tennis string offerings and also employ the latest in string technology including smart strings that are capable of measuring your impact strength and many other specifications that will surprise you. Read on to learn all about Wilson tennis strings, and of course, which are the best Wilson tennis strings.    

The best Wilson tennis strings

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#1 Luxilon original tennis string

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This Wilson tennis string is the most used and popular in the professional Tour by a large number of players, just by telling you this, it should be more than enough to give you confidence in its quality and prestige but let’s dig deeper. This string was designed for those looking for control along with good durability and this is achieved thanks to the metal fibers used in the tennis strings. In addition, in this pack of 200 meters of string, you have enough string for at least 15 rackets. And in case you were wondering, yes, Luxilon is part of Wilson and that is why it is included in this selection. The great advantage of this monofilament string is that it is suitable for any type of tennis player, whether you are a professional or a beginner.    

#2 Wilson sensation tennis string

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The Wilson sensation multi-filament string, as its name suggests, was designed for feel and comfort when hitting the tennis ball. It is perfect for the elbow and arm, elastic and powerful with sensations reminiscent of natural gut and also with good durability. A highlight is the good maintenance of Wilson tennis string tension and the powerful effect it can produce if used properly. Finally, for a price like this, this tennis string is undoubtedly a great option that I recommend you consider.    

#3 Wilson tennis string Revolve​

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The Wilson revolve monofilament string is the queen of generating spin and at the same time, with a very respectable power for a string of this range. Top-spinning the ball has never been easier.  Designed with a tripolymer material and a friction reduction, this string is the best for long and fast hitters looking for a balance between power and lift. In my opinion, the best thing about this wilson string is that you can reduce arm strain and lose virtually no power, allowing you to better conserve your energy for the rest of the match or workout.    

Wilson tennis strings on a smaller scale

If you don’t understand much about tennis strings you may have come to this site to learn more about them in search of a string that fits your needs specifically and not the majority of people, and that is why we select products here that we know you need and as extras, knowing that if you decide to launch and buy a wilson string, you will be satisfied with your purchase without understanding about it, improving your game and performance on the tennis court.  

Now, we are not fortune tellers but we manage to adapt to every type of tennis player. That's why below we have selected the best wilson tennis strings on a smaller scale so that in case you are not happy with the purchase of a string, and you have bought a 200 meter roll, you don't have to waste it all.

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Why is it so important to choose the right tennis string?

Many tennis players are unfamiliar with the world of tennis strings and even less know that a tennis string actually has a very noticeable impact on your game. It is so radical that by simply changing the string you can double the power you hit the ball with. In this video you will see a Babolat employee who has been stringing for tournaments and with professional rackets for more than 40 years. He explains to you why this stringing topic is so important.  

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