Wilson Blade 98 | Best racket of 2023

The Wilson blade is the favourite choice of experts in the wonderful sport that is tennis. Its durability, size and unbeatable value make it the best tennis racket of 2023, perfect for any type of player, from children to experienced men.

Wilson Blade 98

Wilson Blade 98 Features

Why should you buy the Wilson Blade and not another racket?

What stands out in the Wilson Blade 98 is the ability to control the ball precisely yet with overwhelming power, making it one of the best tennis rackets of 2023 for all types of players, raising the level of play. What Wilson was looking for with this racket was to create it for those aggressive tennis players so they can maximize the power of their shots, and, they have achieved it, so personally to you, I recommend it without any doubt. Now, keep in mind that the racket you have does not influence your level of play to a great extent, you have to keep practicing!

So if you're looking for a racket that will stand out with your power and increase your control, the Wilson Blade 98 is for you.

Here’s a little review of the racket for a more visual understanding:

What kind of tennis player is it recommended for?

The players with the most experience will be able to generate strokes with great power but in this specific racket, the Wilson Blade is more focused for those tennis lovers who have a more “technical” style of play. This racket will make you feel superior to your opponent in many aspects such as control and feel. Because of this, the Wilson Blade is ideal for the more aggressive player who likes to hit the net or for those who constantly change the speed of their strokes and finally for those who love the “spin” because with this racket, it will be much easier and more comfortable to generate these strokes. In conclusion, there is no better racket for a balanced player.    

What we think of the Wilson Blade 98 racket

As soon as you pick up the racket, you can feel its lightness and ease of movement despite the fact that the Wilson blade already weighs 304 grams. The weight is simply ideal as it is not too heavy to keep your arm from getting tired just by holding your racket and it is just enough to feel like you have a racket in your hand and have long training sessions. As you know, adjusting to a new racket is not easy but over time your game will improve significantly.

Now, this is not the only advantage of the weight of the Wilson Blade 98. Thanks to its weight, it is possible to generate a little more power to your strokes. As I said before, Wilson focused on creating this gem for the more aggressive player who loves to hit powerful strokes with constant speed, and the weight of the Wilson blade allows for these actions. So if your style of play is aggressive… what are you waiting for? We at detenis.top feel that this particular racket has the best feel of any racket that suits you. The racket cushions the impact with the ball in a subtle but efficient way and this is one of the main reasons why it has earned the position of the best tennis racket of 2021.

Wilson Blade 98-2

Because the shafts of the racket are made of basalt graphite, nothing but impact with the ball felt pure comfort and that gives you VERY few rackets these days. Wilson has also made a major improvement on this new version of the classic wilson blade. This improvement is how well the racket reacts to an off-center hit compared to previous versions where it was a nightmare.

In the latest version of the Wilson Blade 98, the racket behaves much better when you don’t hit the ball at the most central point where the ball feels best. Since I started using the Blade 98, my serve has become my strongest point and looked like it was my weak point with other high end rackets like the Pure Drive. If you’re one of the players who enjoys serving with power and control, the Blade 98 comes in handy.

Wilson Blade 98-3

The downside of the Wilson Blade 98 is its poor ability to generate powerful spin that disorients your opponent. But this is easily solved as the racket itself has little to do with the function of the string pattern. By choosing a smaller string pattern like the 16x19 version you can hit the ball with more spin than if you choose the 18x20 version. It is true that the 18x20 will allow you to have more control over where you want the ball to go but the downside is that it makes it difficult to hit the spin. Personally, I would recommend you to choose the 16x19 version because you will be able to generate more spin at more revolutions and finally because you will still have that control that every tennis player has.


Perfect for many reasons: Lighter than it really is thanks to its thin frames, minimal air resistance, capable of hitting the ball at higher speeds than normal and of course, (you'll like this) the feeling or "feel" with the ball is wonderful, you'll feel real pleasure when playing with this racket and frankly, there aren't many other rackets with this feature.

Take advantage! Finally, a big plus for the Wilson Blade is its unbeatable price. It is an economic model that has been designed with materials of high prestige in the world of tennis like the graphite basalt and in addition providing a long durability. 

Tennis experts have a very clear opinion: they recommend the Wilson Blade 98 as the best choice for this 2020. 

If you are looking for a racket that exceeds your expectations, the Wilson Blade 98 is your best choice. 

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