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Today we will talk about why the Babolat Pure Strike is preferred by many, it will make you feel like a professional player on the court, you will know the advantages over other rackets, its brand characteristics and for what type of player it is ideal.

The Babolat brand is known for being the first company specialized in racket sports, in 2014 the Babolat Pure strike racket came on the market being as good as the Pure drive and Pure Aero with additional technologies for more effective control.

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Babolat Pure Strike Specifications

Babolat has invested a lot of time in research and development to improve its rackets, this time we will show you what features Pure Strike brings to the market.

Frame control.

Babolat’s Control Frame technology, which makes the Pure Strike so appreciated by many professional gamers, makes the frame section structure a little squarer for stability and a little more elliptical for more dynamic gameplay.

C2 Pure Feel.

According to Babolat’s specifications, the C2 pure feel incorporates patches during the manufacture of the racket, placed just after the first layer of carbon, this is what the head of research said: “These patches are made of memory foam rubber, a material that absorbs, filters and restores vibrations, thus improving feel and feel at the moment of impact. A significant and innovative improvement for tennis rackets”

Other important specifications.

Advantages of Babolat Pure Strike over other rackets

Like any model or line of products that comes to market, each brand provides a series of advantages over other brands that stand out when playing or training, these advantages or disadvantages we are going to show you so that you take them into account when choosing your ideal tennis racket.

The positives:

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What type of player is the Babolat Pure Strike racket for?

Every amateur or professional tennis player has had to validate for himself which tennis racket offers him the performance and durability he expects to have in a match, whether training or competition.

The Babolat Pure Strike is for those who seek control and stability in every hit and like to play fast, take risks, attack the net whenever possible. This racket is suitable for both men and women, as it is lightweight, and also for children, as there is a junior version of the Babolat Pure Strike racket.

Performance of the Babolat Pure Strike Racket

There are multiple analyses that guarantee the stability of a tennis racket, as well as certain characteristics that when tested on the court allow us to better understand the attributes of a racket. In this case we will show you how the Babolat Pure Strike behaveswith respect to its performance:

The Serve:

Ideal effect and power thanks to the type of string and the hybrid construction, ideal acceleration in the serve whether flat, cut or lifted, each with great consistency and control.



Control, feel and stability, three characteristics that are associated with rackets that are heavy, but the Babolat pure Strike with its lightness manages to offer exactly the same.


Appearance and comfort:

It has a much thinner grip than the old Pure Strike, which provides a much more ergonomic grip, a grip with a strong and compact structure to reinforce serves and rebounds.



The hybrid structure of the Babolat Pure Strike has an ideal weight that allows it to have optimal power, standard within the current references of tennis rackets.


Effect or Spin:

The special stringing of the Babolat Pure Strike with a slightly more open format makes the effects more powerful, both defensively and offensively.



Both in our blog and in many other pages and articles that you will find, you will see different opinions that will help you decide which tennis racket is ideal for you, but you should always take into account certain criteria that will help you make the best decision.

What we can assure you is that the Babolat Pure strike is a great racket with incredible features, if you are looking for precision and stability this racket is for you. It will give you the amount of effects you want. With its playing technique it gives incredible sensations thanks to its lightness and control, in addition, its technology in the construction of the racket makes it stand out more than the others.

Keep in mind that the Pure Strike is available in different models and for different ages, you will find the lite, junior and adult versions. There are also other popular options such as Babolat Pure Aero. And by the way, this is the racket used by professional player Dominic Thiem!

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