The Best Tennis Backpacks In 2021

This article was born to spread quality information about all types and the best selling and best performing tennis backpacks from the most popular brands such as Babolat, Wilson, Head and Prince. I assure you that when you leave this page, you will find your favorite tennis backpack.

A tennis backpack is not just an accessory, it is more than that, it is the feeling of being able to carry any tennis material in the most comfortable and efficient way.

Tennis backpacks, a unique accessory

Well let’s start, tennis backpacks are not only for storing tennis rackets and carrying them comfortably, but they are also made to facilitate the transport of any object. For example, tennis backpacks can also be used as a backpack for the cockpit of your plane or even for your child to take to school and use daily. This guide will make your life easier when choosing the best racket carrier for you thanks to its elegant design and the quantity and variety of affordable products available here.

best tennis backpacks

Why buy tennis backpacks here?

Well, for starters, this store is an expert in tennis bags and tennis bags. We are also tennis players who use this site to share our experience of using various tennis backpacks and recommend you the best design, price and durability tennis backpacks.

What's the best tennis bag and what to expect from it?

If equipment is essential for all kinds of sports, the tennis backpack and tennis bags are also essential. The best ones are those that allow you to carry everything you need for training or competition, for example your favourite racket or shoes. But they must also have several vital factors: be comfortable for the tennis player and keep what’s inside the bag in perfect condition. That is why most brands use the latest technology in their manufacture. This includes breathable and waterproof surfaces. In the high-end and more exclusive ones, even bactericidal fabric is used.

Some of the most important brands of our favourite sport, tennis, manufacture cheap types of tennis bags with lots of space and quality resistance. Babolat, Wilson and Head are globally known brands in the professional and amateur tennis world. But others less specialized in tennis, such as Nike or Adidas also design their luggage for tennis players. In we offer you the most famous brands of tennis, as well as cheap tennis backpacks and rackets for children, women, men and competitors.

Best price
Head Extreme Backpack Bolsa para Raquetas de Tenis, Unisex, Negro/Amarillo,...
Best Option
BABOLAT VS - Mochila Raquetero Pure Aero Babolat
Most capacity
Wilson Mochila de tenis Team, Hasta 2 raquetas, Gris/negro/blanco,...
HEAD Elite Backpack
Head Extreme Backpack Bolsa para Raquetas de Tenis, Unisex, Negro/Amarillo,...
BABOLAT VS - Mochila Raquetero Pure Aero Babolat
Wilson Mochila de tenis Team, Hasta 2 raquetas, Gris/negro/blanco,...
HEAD Elite Backpack
3 racket capacity?
Best price
Head Extreme Backpack Bolsa para Raquetas de Tenis, Unisex, Negro/Amarillo,...
Head Extreme Backpack Bolsa para Raquetas de Tenis, Unisex, Negro/Amarillo,...
3 racket capacity?
Best Option
BABOLAT VS - Mochila Raquetero Pure Aero Babolat
BABOLAT VS - Mochila Raquetero Pure Aero Babolat
3 racket capacity?
Most capacity
Wilson Mochila de tenis Team, Hasta 2 raquetas, Gris/negro/blanco,...
Wilson Mochila de tenis Team, Hasta 2 raquetas, Gris/negro/blanco,...
3 racket capacity?
HEAD Elite Backpack
HEAD Elite Backpack
3 racket capacity?
Head Tour Team backpack 2021
Quality-Price ratio 98%
Babolat Pure Drive tennis bag
Quality-Price ratio 91%
Wilson Team tennis backpack
Quality-Price ratio 95%
Head Elite tennis backpack
Quality-Price ratio 90%

Let´s analyze the tennis backpacks

It is essential to inform you about the product you want before you buy it definitively. Any type of tennis player should have a backpack to facilitate the transport of their rackets.  There are several types:

Top 3 best tennis backpacks

The best tennis backpack should have the 3 main foundations: Durability, Quality and Comfort. Below you will find the best selection.

#1 Head Tour Team

Head Tour Team Backpack Bolsa de Tenis, Adultos Unisex, Navy/Azul, Otro
521 valoraciones
Head Tour Team Backpack Bolsa de Tenis, Adultos Unisex, Navy/Azul, Otro
  • La mochila Tour Team ofrece espacio para la pala y el calzado y es el complemento perfecto para darse una...
  • Compartimento para 1 o 2 raquetas
  • 1 compartimento principal
  • Compartimento integrado para el calzado
  • 1 bolsillo Frontal

This backpack is ideal for any tennis player unless you are a professional who needs a backpack with many compartments, in that case, click here if you want to see all the competition backpacks and large tennis bags. This backpack has a compartment for 1 racket as well as a front and two side pockets for easy storage.

Finally, it has a main pocket with space to store your sneakers. If you want more about this tennis backpack take a look at this article.

#2 Babolat Pure backpack

BABOLAT VS - Mochila Raquetero Pure Aero Babolat
176 valoraciones
BABOLAT VS - Mochila Raquetero Pure Aero Babolat
  • Babolat Puro Aero Mochila 2019
  • Para Raquetas de Tenis,Tenis Zapatos y Tenis Utensilios
  • Volumen 23 Litros Longitud 320mm Ancho 440mm Altura 260mm
  • 1 Grande Compartimiento Principal y 2 Ventilado Menor de Edad Compartimentos

Many people in the world think that this is the best tennis backpack that exists today because it has an unbeatable design and its comfort is fantastic. It has 5 compartments to store your accessories and your tennis shoes. It holds up to two tennis rackets. In addition, the backpack has reinforced protection against scratches on the edges of the tennis bag. It’s definitely the best one and can be used by anyone.

#3 Head tennis backpack

HEAD Elite Backpack
568 valoraciones
HEAD Elite Backpack
  • La mochila elite de nuevo formato se apunta un buen tanto con su compartimento acolchado para palas, dos...
  • Compartimento acolchado para 2 raquetas
  • Compartimento integrado para zapatillas
  • 1 compartimento principal
  • Bolsillo delantero con cremallera

This is another great option to buy as it holds up to 2 rackets, it is the cheapest, and has two side pockets along with its two main ones where you can easily store your shoes. This tennis backpack is highly recommended for beginners, amateurs, and even professional players because its storage capacity and comfort are particularly good.

tennis bags in hard court

What should you consider when choosing the best tennis backpack?

When you are choosing a tennis backpack it is important to be informed about the models that exist and their different characteristics, you should have several considerations before buying one. Here below I leave you with the essential considerations before buying.

When is it most convenient?

Buying one depends on your need. Here are some examples:

  • Wheeled backpack: If your backpack is too heavy to carry on your back, it is recommended that it has wheels. They are more comfortable and allow you to carry up to 10 rackets and almost infinite accessories.
  • Backpack: If you only need to carry about 2 rackets you will have no problem with the weight, but a backpack is one of the best options nowadays.


  • 3 pockets: It is ideal for occasional users or beginners, even if you only have one or two rackets because the space left over is ideal for things like shoes, water bottles, towels, clothes, etc.
  • 6 pockets: Most experts prefer those of this capacity because it is perfect for other equipment needed on the court daily.
  • 8 pockets to 10 pockets: Ideal for tournament players.
  • 12 pockets: It is preferred by players of high intensity and discipline who usually have intense tournaments and tours outside their home country.

The price is vital

There are many considerations to take into account when you are buying, for example the brand or quality and that they have a decent price. There are options that are from a recognized brand such as Babolat or Wilson that are cheap and quality. If you want to find the cheapest one look at the list above. Have you looked at it yet?

Tennis backpack style

Your personality plays a crucial role here, take it into account to make it as cool a choice as your style.

  • For men: You can choose from a wide variety of colours, styles and brands. You can choose from the most casual to the most elegant.
  • Women: Women tend to be fashionable so you will find an infinite number of colors and designs to be fashionable at the best price.
  • Juniors or Children: These usually prefer backpacks because they are lightweight and cool. Also, if they have a backpack that they love, they will take it with them everywhere!

What to carry in a tennis bag?

Those of us who have found ourselves in the situation of filling a backpack or tennis bag know that it is not as easy a decision as it seems. Almost all of us have wasted space in our tennis bags for unnecessary things, leaving out important things.

The first thing is to have at least two rackets inside, a main one that you always use and a spare one that you can use in case you break strings. Being prepared for any inconvenience is vital. The balls are also very important and having millions inside your racket holder bag will prevent you from running out of balls in the middle of training or an important tournament.

Spare clothes and a cap will be of great help. Many experts recommend always having a cap on while playing as you could get a sunburn at any time. Your tennis bag should have a perfect pocket to put your spare tennis shoes in to avoid those annoying blisters. You should also put strips in case your fingers get scratched and, if you play with a vibration dampener, you should have spare parts in case you lose one. A big pocket for dirty clothes is also very important, it is better if it is breathable to avoid humidity and bad smell.

One of the super essential things when practicing any intense sport is to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated and well fed to maintain energy. So plenty of water and a banana is enough to keep the energy up throughout the game, having it in your tennis bag will be an immediate energy boost.

Here you will see a video to know exactly what to put in your racket or tennis backpack.

The best competition tennis backpacks of 2021

There are hundreds of options available to protect, store and transport all your different competitive tennis rackets. One of the options is to buy a simple and practical tennis backpack. But if you are thinking or have already caught the fever of the tennis world, and obviously if you would like to participate in tournaments and so on, it would certainly be best for you to get a precious and effective tennis bag to compete in, as it will be your best friend when it comes to carrying your rackets and accessories.

It will also be ideal for you to play tournaments carrying your rackets easily and comfortably protected 24 hours a day.

There are many sizes of tennis bags but most fit more than three rackets in each bag, a few more than in a tennis bag, and because of this it will be an excellent purchase really practical and durable if you plan to continue playing and enjoying the wonderful sport that is tennis in either an occasionally, amateur or professional way.

Competition tennis bags

The competitive tennis bags were made so that the most expert tennis players could enjoy this sport to the fullest using all their talent and potential. ATP and WTA professionals use these bags in their tennis careers because of their lightness and large racket space, some bags can store up to 12 rackets at a time.

Competition tennis backpacks

The most recommended brand for cheap competitive tennis backpacks is Wilson and Babolat because of their popularity, their value for money and their worldwide confidence in today’s tennis world. The best quality tennis backpacks to play tennis tournaments constantly are this selection.

The best tennis equipment for children amateurs

Amateur children do not need huge racket bags with many rackets, as long as they have a bag with space for a racket and water is enough for them, as they do not practice the sport intensively like competitive players.


Children’s backpacks are super efficient as they can store more than just the racket. It can also be used as a school bag!

Small tennis bags

These racket cases and covers are ideal for your child to start playing tennis with good, comfortable equipment.

The best tennis backpacks for competitive kids

If your child likes to compete in tennis, he or she will need a tennis bag that meets his or her needs. The most recommended competition brands are Babolat, Head, Wilson and Prince as their quality is unbeatable. Here I offer you the best options and the most recommended and popular ones.

Competitive backpacks

These large competition backpacks will provide the child tennis player with plenty of storage space for rackets or other tennis accessories.

Tennis bags for competition

Competition tennis bags are vital for children going to out-of-town tournaments as there is plenty of storage space for personal items such as 6 rackets, water, food etc depending on the level of the child.

Why should your child try to play tennis?

Tennis is one of the most sociable sports there is as you interact with your opponents and get to know more players who you are sure to make friends with in the end. In addition, many children play tennis and apart from the fact that it is healthy to play, your child could become interested in the sport and even want to be a professional tennis player in the future.

This ambition that some young players get thanks to tennis will be very important for them in life in general since motivation is the most important thing to get what you really love. Your children will also produce that competitive personality that so many people wish they had so they could never give up. And, who knows, maybe your child will become the next Rafa Nadal!

The best tennis bags and racket backpacks for adult beginners

If you are a tennis fan and are looking for men’s tennis backpacks, beginner men like you don’t need a professional backpack or racket carrier, having enough space to store at least two rackets and other extra tennis items is more than enough for you.


The Head, Babolat, Wilson and Prince tennis backpacks are super efficient when it comes to carrying your tennis belongings. Plus, you can use it as a backpack for any kind of sport!

Tennis bags

Amateur tennis rackets are those with capacity for one or two rackets and with more additional pockets to facilitate their use and expand their maximum capacity.

The best tennis backpacks and racket bags for competitive men

If you are a man who does a lot of tournaments and you like to compete in the fantastic sport that is tennis, you should have a tennis backpack with many pockets and with a capacity of up to 3 rackets. If you are looking for something more professional, we recommend buying a large tennis bag to store up to 12 rackets!

This selection of tennis rackets and backpacks is the best in the competitive tennis market of 2020:

Tennis backpacks to compete

The most recommended brand for cheap competitive tennis backpacks is Wilson and Babolat due to their popularity, their value for money and their worldwide confidence in today’s tennis world. The best quality tennis backpacks to play tennis tournaments constantly are this selection.

Competition bags

The competition bags were made so that the most expert players in tennis could enjoy this sport to the fullest using all their talent and potential. ATP and WTA professionals use these bags in their tennis careers because of their lightness and large racket space, some bags can store up to 12 rackets at a time!

Which players can enjoy these tennis bags?

Look at the different colors and modern designs of this selection of bags and you will realize that they are ideal for both women and men. The only important exception is the children’s tennis bag. What makes the difference with children’s bags is that junior tennis rackets are smaller than the rest of the rackets, depending on the age of the child. The most common thing is that children take a bag or backpack with a racket to their weekly training as it is more than enough for them .

Pure Drive racket roger federer

When the time comes to choose which tennis bag to buy for your needs and desires, consider the number of times you compete or train per week. For any casual match with friends or family it is recommended to have at least two tennis rackets, in case an unwanted accident occurs such as a break in the string or the tennis racket itself breaks.

If you play as hard as you do, you should think about getting tennis bags for six to twelve rackets. This is recommended as you could break a few rackets in a match and over time the string will loosen considerably. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, your bags, your backpacks and all your tennis equipment of the highest quality are in At the best price guaranteed.

How to select the best tennis bag for you?

As you will have seen from the tennis bags on this list that we have built, many of the tennis backpacks or thermoses for carrying tennis equipment, have and have several features that usually have all decent tennis bags, however, if you want to have the best of all, we will show you a series of requirements that will have a great impact on your purchase.

The first thing you have to know is that the materials normally used in a backpack are very similar, some are made of nylon, others of cotton, but what you should look for is that the texture and the touch is very good and the most important thing is that it gets to isolate from the outside so that for example your bottle of cold water stays cold all day. Most of the tennis bags are reinforced on the inside, as their objective is to protect the racket from any unexpected or accidental damage.

But keep in mind that many are over-reinforced and very expensive so don't hesitate to look for cheap tennis bags that are reinforced enough to insulate the contents of your bag. I recommend you look for Head bags and Wilson bags.

Do you like to travel? If so, the professionals suggest that we don’t hesitate to spend money on a quality tennis bag for our rackets and belongings. I recommend you look for bags and backpacks that have good insulation that not only protects the rackets from bumps or rubbing, but also protects them from sudden changes in temperature. On long trips, excessive temperature changes occur, which can have a significant impact on the racket strings or the racket structure itself.

Other tennis products we recommend you check out:

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