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Did you know that twice the weight of our body is unloaded on our feet and up to four times when we run? These are the point of support of the body, in these we hold weight, therefore, it is as important to take care of them, as we would with any other organ or part of our body.

That is why you should pay full attention to the choice of tennis shoes indicated, especially when you are in constant movement practicing a sport such as tennis, it is not a matter of whim since the use of a bad tennis shoe can trigger physical problems in the body, such as pain in knees, Some ingrown, varicose veins, injuries, sprains and countless physical risks, which would significantly affect performance on the track and day to day either in the short or long term. And it is that in addition to bringing an aesthetic touch to your sports wardrobe, a good pair of tennis shoes are essential for your good performance in the game. That is why we want to guide you in choosing the best tennis shoes indicated for you, in the following points.

The importance of knowing the tennis shoes on the market.

We will show you what points you should take into account when buying your tennis shoes and also how to know your body to know which is the best option you will find in the market.

The anatomy of the foot.

The shape of the foot is paramount, so that we can choose a pair of shoes that can provide comfort, stability and grip.

First you must be clear about the shape of your footprint, to choose the shoes that adapt to the morphology of your foot, you can perform a test by wetting the sole of the foot and support it on an absorbent paper.

The following image illustrates the forms of tread that exist.

importancia de las zapatillas de tenis

Another effective way to understand what the anatomy of your foot is by consulting your general practitioner so that he can give you more information about it and advise you, that way you can know what tennis shoes to use in the game.

The surface (the playing court).

Each surface has different characteristics own of your terrain that must be taken into account when choosing tennis shoes, if you consider yourself a competitive player then it is important to have shoes for every occasion, if instead you are an amateur you can opt for tennis shoes type All court, the types of surfaces that you will find in the world of tennis are:

pista de tenis tierra batida

The clay surface, as the name implies, has clay-like soil where particles can be embedded in your tennis shoe, it is recommended to wear shoes with resistant sides due to the slippage that is generated. The sole must be based on grooves so as not to leave the track marked and the earth evacuates easily.

pista de tenis rápida

The fast track type surface, As its name suggests, it handles high speeds for the ball and the game in general, the most important thing is to have stability since this hard court is the most aggressive, which requires a pair of quite resistant shoes, especially the external upper and with good cushioning.

pista de tenis hierba

The track surface Grass apart from knowing that it is made of Grass its most important feature of the footwear for this track is the grip, since slips due to the wear of the track and humidity must be minimized or avoided. The ideal are flat shoes that have granules, very similar to those used in synthetic football.

As we mentioned previously, if it is not possible for you to have shoes for each type of court, you can use the all court tennis shoes, since they come very reinforced and give enough stability. In addition to that they are very resistant which makes them very durable.

Game mode

As in any sport, in tennis each player has his own style, once you have identified, keep it in mind the choice of footwear, since there are players who join their feet for the execution of the service which requires shoes with reinforcement in the toe, as others who move more from one side to another and shoes with lateral reinforcements suit them, to withstand constant starts.

Now that you know the importance of good footwear in the practice of this wonderful sport, keep in mind each point of this article to choose the best shoes for you.


The diversity of brands and characteristics makes the types of tennis shoes can become countless, we are now at a point of technology so advanced that you can make custom shoes with the ideal attributes for your game (this is widely used in expert players) so we recommend you always take into account the characteristics and your conditions as a player to be able to choose well between the different types of Tennis shoesthat exist.

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