Best Volkl tennis rackets

Perhaps, if you are starting in this world of tennis or want to move to a competitive level, it is very likely that you have not heard of the Volkl brand, you will be more familiar with other brands but not with this brand from Germany or with the products they handle.

For this reason we will give you a review of the Volkl tennis rackets since in the world of tennis many can come to consider them as the best tennis rackets that can exist, this for its German technology, however Each person has their tastes and opinions, the important thing is that the brand you choose you can feel good about it.

Let us show you why Volkl tennis rackets can be classified as one of the best on the market.

Why Volkl tennis rackets?

To begin with, let’s tell a little history of the Volkl brand. It all starts in 1923 when this brand focused on the manufacture of products for skiing and other high performance, its headquarters is in Germany and its factory is considered one of the most modern in the world.

In 1970 they started their market Making tennis rackets with the same technology and structure with which they made ski products, many ex-tennis players have used this brand with satisfactory results, such as Petr Korda, BorisBecker, Yannick Noah, Barbora Strycova, Mats Wilander among others, the most prominent features you will find in the market are:

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The best Volkl tennis rackets

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Volkl tennis rackets on sale

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What is the best Volkl tennis racket?

#1 Volkl V-Cell Racket

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The Volkl V-Cell is considered an ideal tennis racket for intermediate level players, solid design that allows to give rigidity to the shots, a perfect mix between control and power thanks to its C3 technology that appears in the frame.

Within the Volkl tennis rackets this is characterized by enjoying the V-sensor technology making the potential energy caused by shocks and vibrations is damped and produces an opposite effect in favor improving speed and power, its quality / price ratio makes it very affordable to competitive players who want Improve your gaming experience.

Let us show you some reviews of experienced players who have used Volkl tennis rackets in training games:

The grip is a Volkl Pro Perf BLK that gives an excellent feeling in the game.

Grip control. 92%

It is estimated that the power exerted by the Volkl V-Cell is 35% higher, giving a feeling of strength at the time of the blows.

Power. 87%

The blow and spin generated by this racket is exceptional for an intermediate player, perhaps it can be improved by having a greater weight.

Power. 85%

#2 Volkl V-Cell 8 Racket

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Acclaimed among Volkl tennis rackets as the ideal for junior or low-intermediate players, with a High-tech Cellulose type technology Based on carbon nanotubes that allow to have a much stronger and lighter structure without leaving behind the power and control that a tennis racket should have.

The Volkl V-Cell 8 also comes with Bio-Sensor which is a button placed at the end of the handle where the vibrations will be felt at the least, this point being a place where it is damped and a positive sensation is experienced.

The V-Cell 8 has been used by several coaches, giving us tips and positive results that we will show you at this time:

A racket friendly with the effects that you want to give in the service, feels powerful in the air auqneue can sometimes become difficult to control.

Control 80%

In terms of returns, the maneuverability handled by the Organix 5 allows you to have control and experience the possibility of going on the offensive in one step.

Handling 88%

The Soft point gives you good cushioning and speed, as long as you hit at that point, maybe if you hit other sides of the mesh it will be a little more difficult to control it.

Handling 83%

#3 Volkl tennis racket V1

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The ideal tennis racket for all types of players, accommodates what you want, standard features worthy of Grand slam tournaments as leisure games between friends, soft and not so powerful sensation almost anywhere on the head of the racket, allowing to have a In-game control.

With its standard string pattern of 16/19 it maintains a standard effect that can be used very well on the playing field, having a weight of 320g you will feel comfortable and manageable at the time of a serve or a backhand, we can consider it as one of the best rackets in the world of tennis.

As for hits, volleys and service, in the diagnostic tests the players detailed a strong maneuverability, the blow you give to the ball can feel that little force is used in this, allowing to save energy in the game, the racket to the touch feels the technology and the commitment that the Volkl brand uses to build its rackets and give us the best experience.

#4 Volkl V8 Pro Racket

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The V8 Pro is the next version of the V1, in terms of weight and size, ideal for adults with beginner-intermediate level at a competitive level, it also comes without stringing, for those players who like to customize their string this arrives ready to do it, we recommend using the Volkl strings as they also go very well with its partner of the same brand.

Depending on the style in which you play, whether in the serve, volleys or ground strokes, it is important that you verify the power with which you will play and if the sensation you experience is to your liking, if you have expert level knowledge in these criteria the Volkl racket may make you feel a little uncomfortable in some movements. We leave it to your decision.

Let us show you some reviews of experienced players who have used Volkl tennis rackets in training games:

The V8 Pro thanks to its 16×19 stringing pattern will allow you to have good effects when hitting the ball, a feature that is common in this stringing.

Effect and string 87%

As for service returns, some recommend improving the weight to strengthen the serivicos larger, however in cuts or doing Swing the amniobrability is felt.

Blows and Backs 85%

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