Babolat tennis strings are a real luxury. Discover and learn here why they are, seeing different points of view while learning curious motives and recommendations for you the players. The best offers are guaranteed, but of course, maintaining the quality. Read on to enter the complex world of tennis strings.

Why babolat tennis strings?

Its popularity and confidence is largely due to the success of professional tennis players Rafael Nadal, who has been using a Babolat racket and string since the age of 11, and Andy Roddick who is a historic tennis player. Due to their success, hundreds of professionals now use Babolat rackets and strings such as Dominic Thiem or Garbiñe Muguruza.

Babolat is one of the most prestigious brands of tennis rackets and was the one who created the first tennis strings, so you can see why it is one of the oldest tennis brands in history. 

babolat tennis strings

In addition, Babolat tennis strings are of excellent quality, with many tennis strings offerings and also employ the latest in string technology including hybrid strings (Babolat was the brand that invented these strings, later, the rest of the companies used their idea). Read on to learn more about these special strings…  

The best Babolat tennis strings of 2023

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#1 Babolat Pro Hurricane tour string

The Babolat Pro Hurricane string is undoubtedly the best tennis string you can buy from Babolat as you have 200m of string to change your strings more than once. Secondly, it is a co-polyester string that is mostly used by tennis players who use a lot of topspin to harm their opponent. All in all this string offers amazing durability and is one of the best tennis strings for top-spin generation, which will ensure a high bounce off the tennis ball.    

#2 Babolat RPM Team tennis string

Babolat RPM Team is an extra long lasting string since the strings are made of polyester. Because they are very durable strings they are recommended for those tennis players who hit the ball hard as they will break the string much earlier than those who hit it with less power. Therefore, they are ideal for those who break strings frequently. 

The price of this string is a joke compared to its competition with similar characteristics so it is another "plus" to opt for this string so complete. If you decide to buy this model, you will be a happy person.

#3 Babolat RPM Blast tennis racket string

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This is a classic Babolat tennis string, it is that string that will allow you to generate some very powerful effects thanks to its octagonal section and its rough texture that generates more friction when hitting the ball. The string behaves very well, good spin, control adjustment, even the feel is perfect. The downside is that it is not as durable as the other Babolat models. A controversial option but if you are looking for more spin, I recommend this specific string game.  

Here you can see a video of a Babolat racket stringer, this will explain you a little bit more about the manufacturing process of their strings as well as comparing different types of tennis strings.

Babolat tennis strings on a smaller scale

If you don’t understand much about tennis strings you may have come to this site to learn more about them in search of a string that suits your needs specifically and not the majority of people, and that is why here we select products that we know you need and as extras, knowing that if you decide to launch and buy a babolat string, you will be satisfied with your purchase without understanding this, improving your game and performance on the tennis court.

Now, we are not mind readers but we manage to adapt to every type of tennis player. This is why we have selected the best babolat tennis strings on a smaller scale below, so that in the event that you are not happy with your purchase of a string, and you have bought a 200 metre roll, you do not have to waste it all.

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What are Babolat hybrid tennis strings?

These are the most innovative and recent babolat strings as they employ a technology never before seen that consists of using two types of strings in one string. Babolat was the first tennis brand to implement it in its products and currently more than 40% of ATP and WTA Tour players have hybrid strings formed from natural gut so you should take a look…  

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Babolat’s idea was to put two different types of strings together. One type for the horizontal strings; which would be multi-filament with a more elastic string and natural gut for comfort and precise control. And another type for the vertical strings; that would be monofilament and at the same time more rigid to increase its power and topspin without forgetting to increase the durability of the string. Hybrids are highly recommended as they considerably improve racket performance on the court and can be used by all types of players.

If you want to learn more about the different types of tennis strings and how they vary between them, look at this page, where we talk about all types of strings and how they adapt to each type of tennis player taking into account a large number of variables such as the number of times each player plays or his level of play.

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