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The three main types of tennis balls are the “normal” balls, which can be divided into different types of surfaces (clay, hard court, all court). There are also balls designed for children, so they can learn without having to worry about the weight of the ball. Last but not least we have the tennis ball wholesale packs. This option is ideal for those who play a lot of tennis and who want to save a lot of money, or for tennis academies.

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For which type of tennis court do you want the balls for?

Knowing the type of court you are going to play on is essential to choosing the right tennis ball. Is it a clay court, a hard court or do you want an option that is suitable to any type of surface? Each requires a different tennis ball for maximum performance.

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Best tennis ball brands

In the world of tennis, there are a variety of brands that manufacture tennis balls. The most prominent are Wilson, Babolat, Slazenger and Dunlop, although each has its own personality and brings something unique to the game.

Although the variety may be less than in tennis rackets, the quality of the tennis balls offered by these brands is undeniable. Knowing all these tennis ball brands is essential when deciding what type of tennis ball you are looking for.

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What are the differences between pressurised and depressurised balls?

When choosing tennis balls, an important aspect to consider is whether the ball is pressurised or depressurised. In simple terms, these categories refer to the nature of the ball’s core.

If the ball has a solid rubber core, it is considered a depressurised ball. This type of ball does not contain air or any other gas inside. However, if the ball has a hollow rubber core, it is likely to be filled with air or nitrogen under pressure. This type of ball is known as a pressurised ball.

Both versions are covered with a pile fabric coating to ensure proper grip on the court surface.

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