The best tennis ball machines in 2023

Yes, you may imagine what they are, but I’m sure you don’t know what tennis ball machines are capable of. From changes of pace, to spin on the tennis ball, to different power and so on. To make your life easier, we select the best tennis ball throwers and of course, we comment on each one so you can decide which one is best for you. Let’s get started.

What are tennis ball machines?

These machines are capable of throwing all the tennis balls you want in a limited time from a reasonable distance with the possibility of adjusting the throw to your tastes. For example, the “slice” or cut is not easy to achieve and for you to perfect it, instead of having to depend on someone to throw the ball to you constantly, with a tennis ball thrower, that need disappears, since you can program the machine to throw sliced tennis balls to you for a certain amount of time.

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This is just the beginning, keep navigating to discover more advantages that will amaze you.

The best tennis ball throwers of 2023

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Spinshot player tennis ball machine 2023
Quality-price ratio 98%
Spinshot Pro tennis ball machine
Quality-price ratio 91%

But which is the best tennis ball thrower?

The best tennis ball thrower should have room for a good amount of tennis balls, a light weight, the most fundamental options and, of course, be automatic.

#1 Spinshot player tennis ball machine 2023

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This ball machine is a gem. For the immense amount of possible configurable options and its professional quality, it has a very affordable price. You are looking for the best ball thrower in terms of quality-price ratio, right? Well, here it is, with a capacity of up to 180 balls, you won’t get bored and if you add to that the ball can reach 140 km/h, you’ll end up being a real tennis machine. I convince you, don’t I? Wait, there’s more for you.

This is a professional tennis machine with speed, frequency, angle, rotating ball, random function, suitable for professional training of athletes! Yeah, that's the level, that's a real kicker. Finally, I know that the price is high, but, if you scroll down you'll find out why it's 100% worth it.

Do I convince you? No? Wait, there’s more for you.

I recommend that you have one, but why?

I’ll explain. Surely at some time in your life as a tennis player you have had the common problem of not being able to play when you want because you have to depend on someone else to play with you, either your coach or a friend, these will not be available 24 hours a day. As a true tennis enthusiast, you want to improve your level but you know you need to train more daily and of course, without a ball throwing machine this is going to be a complicated task. But my friend, you are in the perfect place to find a solution.

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Now, only those who love tennis the most, those who live it the most, should use these machines. But that's not a problem for you, because of course, you are. The last step left is to choose the best tennis ball thrower for you and from there, to practice like a tennis fan. In time, you will have created an unbeatable tennis player!

It doesn’t end here! Over the years, ball throwers have been modernized and the amazing change in size and weight of these amazing machines are remarkable. In the past, tennis ball throwing machines were approximately 2 meters high; and now, only 1 meter with a weight of only about 25 kg.

The main advantage of this is that you will find it much easier to take your ball thrower and transport it in your trunk to your favorite tennis court. In addition, tennis ball throwers are not only for players but also, if you are a coach, you can avoid having to throw a lot of balls to your student so it is an interesting option for a coach.

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This goes for a tennis player looking for glory on the court. Have you ever felt frustrated because your partner doesn’t pass a single ball through the net? I’m sure you have, and if you finally decide to get a tennis ball thrower, know that you can forget about this problem! Turn on the machine, and learn your technique better than ever with a “person” who NEVER misses.

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What are the characteristics of  tennis ball machines?

There are many advantages to having a ball launcher, but what about the features? Tennis ball machines are capable of adapting to a beginner’s or even a professional player’s level so you don’t have to worry about the level you have. The interesting thing about these machines is that you can configure the device in many different ways; for example, you can put spin on the ball, adjust the power, the direction etc and all this just by pressing a few buttons. That’s not all, these tennis ball machines can also adjust the height of the ball and the placement and even place the tennis ball to finish off or for a drop and there are also ball throwers that can store up to 200 balls! Amazing, isn’t it? It’s a real luxury. Here’s a summary of its features:

I leave you a video to see many of the functions that have a ball machine

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