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The Asics brand has gradually gained ground in the world of tennis, especially in the development of custom and quality shoes, an example of them are the Asics gel game 8 shoe with an exceptional design that will captivate you instantly.

Asics has released several lines of tennis shoes focused to provide exceptional qualities to players, depending on the court you can find a complete range of tennis shoes that will suit you and provide incredible security in your tennis matches.

Let us show you why the Asics Gel game 8 shoe is so acclaimed by gamers and that makes them special against shoes from other brands.

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Features of the shoe Asics Gel game 8

The Asics Gel game 8 shoe has been specially designed for fast track play, it is characterized by having a wide space in the heel and a reinforced outsole, this will allow you to improve your flexibility and stability, especially when moving and making quick changes of direction.

These shoes do not differentiate between a beginner or expert player, it will always give you the necessary power in your games, the following specifications make the Asics gel game 8 shoe worth using:

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Asics Gel Technology

The revolutionary Asics gel technology comes through inert polymers that form a kind of silicone, this is located both on the back and front of the shoe, reduces the impact by supporting the heel and also when standing on tiptoes, multiple layers of foam will protect your foot from any impact.

Advantages of the Asics Gel game 8 shoe compared to other shoes

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Which players is the Asics Gel game 8 best suited to?

The Asics gel game 8 tennis shoe is designed for players who want comfort over long distances or otherwise handle a lot of movement during a game, also for those who want greater stability thanks to the strategic placement of the sole and midsole.

As you realize these shoes are not only used all court for tennis matches, you can use it in physical training, cardio, go to the Gym and do a thousand more things, in each of them it will give you the stability and lightness ideal for any situation.

Many other brands have worked on providing a rest to the foot with elements that cushion The steps and that you feel less and less the tiring effect of moving from one side to the other, brands such as Babolat or Wilson have released their own versions of tennis shoes, the Asics Gel game 8 shoe can give you a new option for you if you want to explore new brands that you traditionally find in the world of tennis

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As we mentioned previously, the substantial differences between one brand of tennis shoes and another vary in very minimal details that depend on what you want to achieve or improve in your game, if your focus is on improving your resistance in your feet when playing a match, then the Asics Gel game 8 shoe is ideal for you, If you are on a clay or grass type of court , it may be worth looking for other options. What we do guarantee is that the Asics shoes will give you what it takes to meet your needs for movement in the game.

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