tennis racket with a tennis ballHere you will learn why the rackets I am going to show you are the best babolat tennis rackets and you will also discover which one is the best for you depending on your level of play and experience. Think carefully about your purchase as the babolat rackets will last for many years… At we select the best quality and best priced rackets on the tennis market, so don’t worry about that



Why Babolat tennis rackets?

babolat tennis rackets

Babolat is one of the most prestigious brands of tennis rackets and was the one who created the first tennis strings, so you can see why it is one of the oldest tennis brands in history. Its popularity and confidence is largely due to the success of professional tennis players. Rafael Nadal ,who has been using a Babolat racket since he was 11 years old, and Andy Roddick who is a historical tennis player. Due to their success, today hundreds of professionals use Babolat tennis rackets such as Dominic Thiem or Garbiñe Muguruza.

In addition, Babolat tennis rackets are of excellent quality, with many tennis racket offerings and also employ the latest in racket technology including smart rackets that are able to measure your impact strength and much more so that you can then view the data on your mobile and make conclusions. Read on to see more about this special racket…




The 5 most popular Babolat tennis rackets




The Top 4 best Babolat tennis rackets

There are dozens of babolat models but here we simplify everything for you and leave you with a selection of the best Babolat tennis rackets with the best offer of tennis rackets but always maintaining a quality worthy of a player like you. Furthermore, depending on your level of play, you have one option or another, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, advanced, a competitive player or if you are a child. As I usually say, think about which one would suit you best, try not to take so much into account the colour palette of the racket and focus more on what it can offer you.



For beginners and intermediate players:


Babolat Basic racket

This is an easy to handle, inexpensive tennis racket with surprisingly good durability for a racket of this caliber. Beginning players will love this racket as it will adapt quickly and feel like a real Rafa Nadal on the court. It is made of carbon, which is more than enough for players with low hitting power and that is why the price is so low…

Babolat tennis racket
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Babolat tennis racket

  • comes unstrung
  • L3 grip size




Main advantages:

  • You can use this racket for years, without a problem
  • Very Durable racket
  • Ideal for those who want to control the ball to the millimeter
  • Several models and colours are available.
  • The best racket for beginners as they will feel the ball in a precise and comfortable way, and this is the most important thing when looking for a babolat racket for a beginner or amateur.
  • If you think this racket is not enough for you, take a look at the next option.



For advanced level tennis players:


Babolat Pure Drive Racket

This is my personal racket, although I won’t be subjective, but it is my favorite :) The Babolat Pure drive racquet is one of the most popular among advanced or professional players, many famous players like Garbiñe Muguruza use this racket in their day to day.  This racket could be considered an improvement of its predecessor, the Aeropro Drive, only this one has more innovative and effective functionalities.

For example, the frame of the Pure Drive is much thinner and lighter and the head is more closed, providing more control. In addition, the weight of the racket is reduced thanks to the lightweight materials of the racket so that balance and coordination is improved when hitting the tennis ball.


Babolat pure Drive 2020 tennis racket
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Babolat pure Drive 2020 tennis racket

  • This racket is shipped without strings.
  • Strung weight: 315 gr and length: 68.6 cm.
  • Babolat's most popular racket frame receives a technical upgrade and redesigned ice blue color while maintaining power line, versatility and feel.




Key features of the Pure Drive:

  • Uses Babolat’s “Cortex” technologies by acting as a vibration dampener to reduce the amount of vibration
  • The name speaks for itself: “Drive” means control and Pure “pure” all together would be: Pure Control
  • A racket that is at the level of the elite, so the durability and quality are indisputable
  • It uses a system called “Woofer” that consists of facilitating the tennis player to make all type of movements with the racket.
  • In short, this racket is one of the only ones that has given me confidence in my game, increasing my hitting power since I bought it, and above all, now it is easier for me to control where I want the ball to go. 100% recommended for you, my reader



For professionals or competition


Rafa Nadal’s racket, Babolat Pure Aero

This tennis racket is no joke, it’s the elite of the elite. A real beast of power and spin. The Pure Aero was not designed for beginners and with good reason, as it has a number of technologies implemented that only a tennis player with enough hitting power and determination would be able to get the most out of this babolat racket used by Rafael Nadal himself.

Weighing in at 320g with stringing, it’s 27 inches long and has a balanced and firm frame that will give you a thrilling experience that few other rackets can offer. New technologies in this racket are the active Cortex system, the new Aeromodular 2 system and a new string pattern called “Frame String Interaction Spin”. We now explain its functions…


Babolat pure Aero 2020 tennis racket
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Babolat pure Aero 2020 tennis racket

  • This racket is shipped without strings.
  • Rafael Nadal´s racket concept
  • The Power and spin beast




Important features of the Pure Aero:

  • Thanks to the technologies mentioned above, the new Pure Aero has increased in power, comfort and balance, respectively.
  • One of the most powerful tennis rackets in the world
  • Very long durability
  • There is a model that has a smart device inside the racket handle that allows you to connect YOUR RACKET to your mobile from the Babolat application. From there you will be able to see how hard you hit the ball, where you hit it and much more. Unbelievable? Yes, it is. This device is used by Nadal to reflect on his game after the matches and it is like that, and in many other ways, where he draws conclusions to improve his game for the next match. You can see this racket in the following video:




Babolat children’s tennis rackets



babolat junior tennis racket

There are several popular babolat tennis racket models for children but without a doubt this model is the most affordable and of the highest quality. Your children will be happy with this simple but effective racket. To top it all off, this model has a very attractive colour palette for children with yellow and black tones – ideal for giving to a young tennis player! All babolat tennis rackets come with Cortex Active technology, including the youngest children’s rackets, making them easier to handle.

Babolat Nadal junior tennis racket 2020
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Babolat Nadal junior tennis racket 2020

  • Junior racket - Weight unstrung (gr): 215
  • Comes unstrung
  • Head size (cm²): 630
  • Babolat Junior rackets



Features and benefits

  • Made of lightweight carbon so as not to limit the mobility that children may have.
  • Less vibration thanks to Active Cortex technology
  • The two most important factors for a children’s racket are low weight and ease of handling, and the babolat junior racket has it all. Look no further.



You don’t know which one to choose? We help you choose the best babolat tennis racket

You may have doubts about which Babolat tennis racket to buy, but don’t worry, you’ re in the right place. Depending on your level and experience, you will choose one racket style or another to give yourself more control over your game. There is always a perfect Babolat tennis racket, take your time, and find it. There are players who are more talented or simply have been playing longer and do not require as much control and can focus more on rackets that provide extra power. On the other hand, beginners should opt for a racket that is easy to handle. Think about it, and good luck in your tennis future.



Babolat Beginner’s Rackets

girl serving from the baseline

If you consider yourself a beginner and you are still starting to get into the world of tennis, the most sensible thing to do is to opt for a cheap tennis racket with limited technology so as not to complicate yourself. Ideally, the racket you choose should have a wide head and a more expanded sweet spot for more frequent strokes.

Basically, it’s best to go for a bigger, lighter weight racquet with very good grip.  If you finally make up your mind and buy a babolat racquet with these qualities, you are much more likely to improve your game in a matter of days. However, nothing is guaranteed, you have to work hard in such a technical sport like tennis. In short, these are the characteristics that a babolat racket should have if you are a beginner:

  • Large racket size
  • An affordable price
  • With “Corvex Active” technology to reduce vibrations
  • Lightweight
  • A good grip



Babolat Rackets for intermediate players

By now you’ve played several hundred hours of tennis and you’ve probably felt your progress and are thinking of upgrading your tennis equipment to a higher quality. Your game and your style itself will be better, you are able to react faster to changes in the direction of the tennis ball and you can start predicting where your opponent is going to throw the ball.

Now, this does not mean that you are already an advanced player, as they will master virtually any stroke and you are still learning while they are in the process of perfecting their skills. Therefore, a racket that is easy to handle remains a priority, as well as a light frame so as not to give up yet those advantages that babolat tennis rackets have for beginners.


dominic thiem on clay


If you’re feeling confident, you might want to look at a heavier racket to maximize your hitting power and to learn how to handle a more complicated racket. Finally, there are many different technologies that the babolat tennis brand has compared to the rest of the tennis racket brands, and you should start using more innovative rackets to get used to them and hopefully result in a noticeable improvement in your game. Who doesn’t want that? Take advantage. In short, these are the main features if you are an intermediate player:


  • Rackets with more advanced technologies
  • A big head size
  • A firm grip
  • More or less light weight for a good balance between power and handling



Babolat Rackets for Advanced Tennis Players

If you consider yourself an advanced player, you will have played for years learning and perfecting your game. Okay, so you have some important tennis knowledge, but you still have a lot more to go if you really want to shine in this sport. As for the racket, you will have to choose one with advanced technologies to express all your talent on the court.

Are you satisfied with just being the best in your club? No? because you are ambitious and you must use that to your advantage since many players do not have that quality so key in any sport. Anticipate, equip yourself better than anyone else, train more than anyone else and I assure you that you will improve in an inhumane way. An example, Rafael Nadal trained 4 hours a day when he was only 12 years old, that’s the level, go beyond, but do not exceed your limits, injuries are the worst thing that can happen to you …

Now, your opponent can still beat you, you’re not a machine yet, but you aspire to it. To do this, you should try different types of tennis strings to vary your style of play and also to find the perfect variation for you. To keep evolving on the tennis court, make sure you keep improving your tennis equipment, including your racket. Look for babolat tennis rackets with a higher than normal weight to test your resistance and to increase your hitting power. Yes, they will be harder to handle, but compensate for the power they can generate. The best tennis players like you should choose rackets with these characteristics:


  • Shock-absorbing racquets to maximize performance
  • Heavier racket for increased hitting power
  • Medium to small head size for better steering control



Finally, how are babolat tennis rackets made?

The manufacture of babolat tennis rackets is a complex task as all must be perfectly designed and constructed in order to be at 100% perfection when sold to tennis players. Here is a video of the tennis racket manufacturing process.




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