The Best Tennis Balls In 2021

Here you will discover the best tennis balls on the market as well as a personalized selection for each type of player and surface on which they play. I can guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchase thanks to the quality information provided by us.

What to keep in mind when choosing the best tennis ball for you?

When you have to buy tennis balls, you should consider the court surface on which you play. If you usually play on a fast/hard court we recommend you to go for the harder balls, with less hair and more elastic. On the other hand, if you normally play on clay it is more correct to opt for a ball with more volume of hair, so that the ball has a more secure grip with the clay of these courts.

tennis balls

You must also take into account that the filter is very resistant and has a core with good elasticity, all this will affect the duration of the ball in games. To facilitate the storage of the balls you can buy a tennis racket holder to avoid having to carry the ball tubes in your hands which can be uncomfortable.

Finally, changing your ball equipment from time to time is a decision with many benefits especially if you want to improve your game and your strokes as well as enjoying playing on the court.

What is the importance of having the best tennis balls for your game?

In any type of sport the right equipment is essential to ensure that you get the most out of your talent and the way you play and tennis balls are no exception.

Tennis rackets, balls, strings, all being part of your tennis equipment and more must be carefully chosen to suit you, to facilitate victory in your matches.

For tennis fans, learning and informing yourself about the importance of a quality tennis ball can simplify your game and thus win more matches in your favor thanks to having chosen cheap quality balls in this great store.

The problem is that thousands of beginners and even professionals find it very difficult to decide between the millions of types of tennis balls that exist in the world and here you will find the most reliable and suitable ones.

The multiple brands, types and materials of the balls that exist are more than enough to disorientate the most experienced tennis players.

Which are the best tennis balls?

Most balls
Babolat Gold Championship X3 Pelotas, Adultos Unisex, Jaune (Negro), Talla...
Best quality
Dunlop Australian Open - Pelotas de Tenis para Todas Las Edades, Talla...
Less balls
Wilson Sporting Goods Prime All Court Tennis Ball Paquete de 4 (12 Bolas)
Best option
Penn Championship - Pelota de Tenis de Trabajo Regular (15 Unidades, 45...
Babolat Gold Championship X3 Pelotas, Adultos Unisex, Jaune (Negro), Talla...
Dunlop Australian Open - Pelotas de Tenis para Todas Las Edades, Talla...
Wilson Sporting Goods Prime All Court Tennis Ball Paquete de 4 (12 Bolas)
Penn Championship - Pelota de Tenis de Trabajo Regular (15 Unidades, 45...
All court?
Most balls
Babolat Gold Championship X3 Pelotas, Adultos Unisex, Jaune (Negro), Talla...
Babolat Gold Championship X3 Pelotas, Adultos Unisex, Jaune (Negro), Talla...
All court?
Best quality
Dunlop Australian Open - Pelotas de Tenis para Todas Las Edades, Talla...
Dunlop Australian Open - Pelotas de Tenis para Todas Las Edades, Talla...
All court?
Less balls
Wilson Sporting Goods Prime All Court Tennis Ball Paquete de 4 (12 Bolas)
Wilson Sporting Goods Prime All Court Tennis Ball Paquete de 4 (12 Bolas)
All court?
Best option
Penn Championship - Pelota de Tenis de Trabajo Regular (15 Unidades, 45...
Penn Championship - Pelota de Tenis de Trabajo Regular (15 Unidades, 45...
All court?
Penn tennis balls
Quality-price ratio 98%
Dunlop Australian Open balls
Quality-price ratio 91%
Wilson prime all courts tennis ball
Quality-price ratio 95%
Babolat Gold tennis balls 2020
Quality-price ratio 90%

Top 4 best tennis balls for all types of tennis courts

The ALL COURT balls are the best for those who are not involved in the world of competition and only wish to practice or take tennis lessons at a beginner or intermediate level. However, if you are a competitive player, it is recommended that you use balls adapted to each of the existing surfaces so as not to impair your performance on the court.

#1 Penn championship tennis balls

These balls are without a doubt the best option on the market as it includes may tubes woth 3 balls each at an unimaginable price. These cheap tennis balls are durable as they are pressurized and most importantly they are suitable for any type of surface, clay, hard or grass. In short, they are ideal for coaching and for training any type of player. If you are interested in buying used or second-hand tennis balls you can check out this great option.esta gran opción.

#2 Dunlop Australian Open 2021

Dunlop tennis balls are known globally for their stable bounce and extra durability over an entire match. These particular balls are also designed for any court surface.

The downside is that this means they are very hard and much more likely to wear out the “hair” layer well before the rest of the balls. A disadvantage for players who play with a lot of spin or who lift the ball a lot but not a big problem for flat hitters.

#3 Wilson Premier all court tennis balls

Another good option are these balls which are the most durable on the market and are undoubtedly the best option for you. Apart from their unbeatable durability, they are perfect for competitions and for casual training, not to mention that they can also be used on any type of tennis court. All this and their optimal bounce on any surface means more fun. Finally, the ball tube includes a sealable lid for easy storage of the balls to increase their durability.

#4 Babolat Gold tennis balls

And last but not least, they are approved by the “International Tennis Federation” (ITF) and this shows a professional quality. In addition the Slazengers have been endorsed by the Australian Open and have been pressurised for use on multiple surfaces.

The top 4 best tennis balls for clay

#1 Wilson Tour Clay

The Wilson Tour Premier Clay ball pot has features very similar to those previously mentioned for the Wilson Tour Premier all Court as they are ideal for competition and training and have an unmatched durability which is one of the strengths of the Wilson brand. It also has a sealable lid for easy ball storage to increase ball durability. What sets these balls apart from others is that they are specifically designed for use on clay courts.

This includes a greater amount of surface hair for better grip on the ground and also pressurized for longer life.

#2 Penn tour regular duty clay tennis balls

The second best tennis ball for clay is specially designed to offer maximum performance on clay and in indoor courts. Not to mention that they were designed for better control even after repeated use. These balls are of the highest quality, prevent the absorption of sand and moisture thanks to the Element Guard technology and contain a hard and resistant core to increase its durability.

#3 Dunlop ATP super premium clay balls

This is one of the best tennis balls and is another very good option for clay court play for any type of player of any level and frequency of play. The balls come in a metal can that keeps the inside of the tube protected for increased durability over the years. Finally, it contains an HD core for maximum strength and durability


Si prefieres menos cantidad de bolas con un menor precio entonces esta sería tu mejor opción ya que sigue a la altura de las Wilson Tour Premier Clay el único cambio es el tubo que es de plástico y vienen 3 pelotas en vez de 4. Tienen muy buena durabilidad y rendimiento y además tienen un control con el cordaje de la raqueta muy preciso.

Estas pelotas también previenen la absorción de arena y de humedad con la tecnología Element Guard. Para acabar, rinden a su máxima capacidad al ser usadas en tierra batida ya que fueron diseñas para este tipo de superficie.

The top 4 best hard court tennis balls

#1 Wilson US open

Wilson US Open balls are created for playing on the hard court offering the highest quality of rebound and a huge durability that is on par with professional balls. Without any doubt this is the best ball for hard court surfaces. It also has a hard and resistant core, quality wool and felting and a very good quality coating.

It includes two tubes with 4 balls each at an unimaginable price if you compare it with the rest of similar models.

#2 Wilson champ extra duty

Champ Extra duty are hard court tennis balls with very good durability thanks to their hard core and Dura-Weave felt. Extra duty balls are for hard courts as they lack a large volume of hair to make the ball travel at much higher speeds. If you choose these balls, I guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchase. In short, they have been approved by the ITF and the USTA which proves their professional quality.

#3 Dunlop atp championship pack

This tennis ball is the official ball of the ATP Tour and this clearly shows that these balls are at the level to be used by the best tennis players in the world like Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Dominic Thiem among many others. For all this and more, these are a very good choice as they include three tubes of 4 balls each at a price below 30 dollars and for this type of balls that is a great price.

#4 Penn championship tennis balls

The PENN Championship tennis balls are another highly recommended option for the hard court as they have a very precise and realistic bounce, especially for hard surfaces which is where these balls work best and at maximum performance.

Top 4 best tennis balls for grass tennis courts

#1 Slazenger wimbledon grass tennis balls

As you can see from the name of the balls, these are the official balls of the Grand Slam tournament, Wimbledon. Therefore, the ball´s quality is impressive. In terms of bounce and durability they are also very nice and are approved by the International Tennis Federation as professional level balls designed for use on grass courts.

Personally I recommend it without any doubt because there are very few models of tennis balls specifically created for the grass. I hope you enjoy it if you decide to buy it.

#2 Wilson US open high altitude for grass

The Wilson tennis balls are of the best quality but not the best priced for the grass surface. They are highly recommended and are pressurized for a more powerful bounce. In terms of value for money it is the best of all for grass but the Wimbledon Slazengers narrowly outperform them as they are professionally used balls. However, they are ideal for day-to-day training and for tennis lessons at any club.

#3 Penn ATP Regular Duty Tennis Balls

These are the same as the ones talked before but come in 24 tubes with 4 balls each which means a higher price but that is not necessarily a disadvantage. As we talked about before, they are the official balls used in many tournaments and that guarantees an exquisite quality unmatched by the rest of the grass balls. If you buy it, you will be proud of your purchase 99% sure.

#4 Dunlop Sports Championship Tennis Balls

Dunlop do not have balls specifically designed for grass but they do their job very well as they have a highly durable and consistent HD core as well as a premium synthetic felt that shoots out their speed.

What kind of tennis balls are there? Extra Duty, Regular Duty and Altitude balls

The best tennis balls are usually ‘Extra Duty’ balls that were designed for use on fast courts outdoors. The ball’s core is made of more hair to increase its durability on the hardest courts.

The <Regular Duty> are designed for indoor and clay courts. They have a softer texture but are not as durable on hard courts.

The cheap tennis balls for the grass courts are <Regular Duty> balls, but with an anti-stain on the surface of the ball that makes the grass not change the colour of the balls to greenish. In fact, do you know why tennis balls are yellow? No idea, right? Learn about it in this simple article.

Las bolas de tenis baratas para las pista de hierba son pelotas <Regular Duty>, pero con un anti-manchas en la superficie de la bola o fieltro que hace que la hierba no cambie el color amarillo de las pelotas. De hecho, ¿Sabes porque las pelotas de tenis amarillas? ¿Ni idea verdad? apréndalo en este simple artículo.

The <altitude> balls are meant to be used at altitudes of 1200 meters or even more because normal balls are much less dense in the air at these high altitudes to play tennis.

As an extra, there are used balls, where you can’t guarantee their maximum quality and even less if they are pressurized as they will have lost their initial pressure.

Some other kind of tennis ball?

Any kind of tennis ball? yes, in fact there are giant tennis balls but as you can imagine you can’t play tennis with these… but it’s a curious fact in the world of tennis. Fans often use giant tennis balls to get their biggest idols to sign the ball for them. Do it yourself!

Lixada Pelota de Tenis Grande 9.5in/23cm para Niños Adultos Mascotas
894 valoraciones
Lixada Pelota de Tenis Grande 9.5in/23cm para Niños Adultos Mascotas
  • Hecho de material de goma y fieltro. Pelota (9.5 in) de tenis gran tamaño
  • Puede ser para divertirse y relajarse.
  • Juego para niños, adultos y hasta su mascota jugando.
  • Perfecto firmando y mostrar.

Best tenis ball packs for Training

Wholesale tennis balls are key for your training session to not be all the time picking up the balls, that’s why here I leave you buckets of wholesale tennis balls to avoid this tedious problem

What is the difference between pressurized and depressurized balls?

Normally, the balls are formed by a rubber felt covered in a pile fabric so that the ball can be caught on the surface of the court. If the rubber core is solid, it means that the ball lacks pressure. On the other hand, many balls have a hollow rubber core that is filled with pressurized air or even nitrogen to become pressurized balls

Those that are depressurized (balls that have no pressure) usually have less rebound force. The funny thing about these balls is that the quality of rebound improves over time as the coat wears out. These types of balls are ideal for any use such as tennis lessons, beginners or amateur players but it is not recommended to use them professionally.

These balls are much heavier than the pressurized ones as they have a heavy rubber core inside. This means a very big increase in durability as balls that are not pressurized have the advantage of a longer life.


These balls contain compressed air inside them to incite a much more noticeable bounce throughout the game. They are also the most common balls, usually coming in tin cans in packs of 3 or 4 balls.

In addition, these balls are very effective in spinning the ball and making it reach higher speeds. As long as the balls are NOT opened from the can for the first time, they will maintain the same state even after a long time as the pressurized balls are vacuum-sealed.

The bad thing about these is that when you open the can the balls start to drop in pressure in a few weeks and it becomes much more complicated to play with them at the maximum level. There are players who can afford to replace the tennis balls from time to time and who are constantly looking for the best quality of play. These tennis players should use the pressurized balls as they offer the best feeling of play in any type of match.

With this tennis ball pressurizer product you can always have your balls pressurized when you notice them losing quality or pressure.

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PASCAL BOX 3B - El único Sistema Inflador Completo y de Alta Precisión...
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The best tennis balls for kids

There are many children who need balls that are adapted for them. For example, balls that have a green dot in the center of the ball mean that they are softer and go 50% slower than the rest and therefore make life easier for the little ones by not having to use as much force with every shot.

Here are 3types of children’s balls that they are sure to love.

Quality tennis ball brands

Babolat, Head, Dunlop, Wilson and Penn are the most specialized brands in trading tennis balls since each of the brands has several types of balls adapted to any type of player and surface. Although there are also Nike tennis balls although they are less popular in tennis. The brand of tennis ball you choose is crucial to you as it must be meeting your needs. Below you will find the best balls of each brand and always at the best possible price.


Babolat is one of the best known brands in the world of professional tennis as they create all kinds of Babolat balls for any court. They have numerous high quality models such as the “Babolat Gold” or the “Babolat Roland Garros” that are specifically designed for clay. All in all, Babolat tennis balls are a true wonder.

Babolat Gold All Court X4 Pelotas, Adultos Unisex, Jaune (Negro), Talla...
5 valoraciones
Babolat Gold All Court X4 Pelotas, Adultos Unisex, Jaune (Negro), Talla...
  • Excelente juego de pelota, duradero y no estresante para el brazo.
  • Muy polivalente y fácil de jugar.
  • Ideal para jugadores que buscan rendimiento.


Head tennis balls have always been very well regarded as they are used in many prestigious tournaments such as the US Open and are mainly used for hard courts or indoor courts. Here you will find the best selection of this brand as the “Head Championship” or “Head Tour” models which are balls of the highest quality.

Head Championship Pelotas Bote, Unisex, Amarillo, Talla Única, 3 bolas
5.650 valoraciones


The Dunlop brand is a brand that has been creating balls for a considerable amount of time, which is why it is very famous and today millions of tennis players choose this brand. Popular models such as the “Dunlop Fort All Court” or the impeccable “Dunlop Australian Open” which are the official balls of the Australian Open, open a new generation of tennis ball manufacturing.


Wilson is probably the best known and most popular brand in the world of professional, amateur and beginner tennis due to its huge variety of products and most exceptional materials with the latest technology and its collection of Wilson tennis balls is not far behind. Without a doubt this is one of the best brands of tennis balls and here in you will be able to discover a wide variety of Wilson tennis balls such as the “Wilson US Open” or the “Wilson ball Tour”.


Penn tennis balls are the best selling brand in America and this translates into exceptional value for money and buyers are mostly happy with their purchase. Therefore, the Penn brand is a very good choice and Penn creates some of the best tennis balls in addition to a blue tennis ball. Here you will see popular models such as the “Penn Championships Regular” or the “Penn Championship Premium”.

How are the best tennis balls made?

Aren’t you curious to know how the different brands of tennis balls are made? In this case they are Wilson tennis balls. Here’s your answer!

Here you can watch a video in which you will see the manufacturing process of the best tennis balls.

Other tennis products we recommend you check out:

And here you can access all our products from the tennis shop, where you will find all kinds of tennis products with detailed reviews.

Or you can check our tennis blog to read one of our articles. Trust me, it is worth a read.

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