Best Dunlop tennis rackets

Dunlop is established in tennis history as the brand with more Grand Slams won with Dunlop tennis rackets than any other tennis brand, but their recent racket launches and sponsorship deals have catapulted them back into the big leagues.

The list of players who have won major tournaments with Dunlop tennis rackets reads like a “Who’s Who” of tennis greats, but they have had a rapid advance into the twenty-first century and the Dunlop brand is now owned by SRI Sports, a subsidiary of Japanese conglomerate Sumitomo, and is synonymous with high performance, High technology and high quality. Considerable investment from its new owners and an exciting international roster of professional tennis stars make Dunlop one of the biggest names in professional tennis manufacturers.

Why Dunlop tennis rackets?

In Dunlop’s words, “perfection is a journey, not a destination”, and this fundamental belief is present in its wide range of products for today’s tennis player. Its range is incredibly varied and suits all levels of players, from beginners to Kevin Anderson, the number 5 in the world.

Dunlop says this about his aspirations when making tennis rackets: “What does it take to continuously improve your game? Commitment. Wish. Obsession. An intrinsic understanding that every game is a step on your journey to perfection. Long hours in research labs. Early mornings on the training tracks. A commitment to improve every game. A need to pursue every point. We share this quest for perfection with every player.

That’s why we design technically superior and obsessively crafted products that help you make every game your best game.”

Dunlop has developed a number of core technologies found throughout its range of tennis rackets. These include:

The Sonic Core made with Infinergy® cushions shocks and reduces frame vibrations by up to 37%, giving a more comfortable hitting feeling. The Infinergy® foam developed by BASF, the world’s first E-TPU, offers much higher bounce properties compared to the original Sonic Core material, resulting in increased ball speed outside the racket.

Modern players use more effect, hitting the ball towards the top of the racket. But that requires technique and power, which often leads to mistakes and injuries. PowerGrid stringing technology creates 30% more sweet spot, evenly distributing power across the string bed. Get better control, more power and more effect.

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The best Dunlop rackets

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Dunlop tennis rackets on sale

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What is the best Dunlop tennis racket?

#1 Dunlop Sports Pro Racket

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The Dunlop Sports Pro tennis racket is a tennis racket with a 100-inch² head and a 16×19 stringing pattern. The declared weight of the unstrung frame is 275g, the balance is equal to 320mm and the rigidity is 69 RA.

The Dunlop Sports Pro is ideal for beginners or intermediate players looking for a comfortable racket. With a medium-high head size, a uniform stringing pattern, a beam and a good balance point, you will enjoy the strokes with a lot of feeling. Ideal for young beginners and recreational adult players who prefer an easy-to-handle racket.

#2 Dunlop Sports Team Racket

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The advantage of the Dunlop Sports Team racket can be summarized in gaining more power just with the natural shot.

This mid-range racket offers a good mix of control and power in a lightweight design. So you can move around the track and make shots at speed.

This controlled focus racket offers extra performance due to the shape of a hybrid frame. This gives you a natural, crisp feel when hitting. In addition, thanks to an additional quarter (2.54 cm) on the racket, you will get an additional reach in your impact.

#3 Dunlop Sports FX Team Racket

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Better control, more power and more spin, that’s how this Dunlop tennis racket is defined. The Sports FX Team range has been developed for players who want more comfort and power, but who want to minimise the risk of injury. Players who want the best out of their racket, but without the premium cost. This is a lightweight tennis racket thanks to its graphite construction, plus at a great price. Vibrotech technology means vibrations are muffled at every shot.

This Dunlop tennis racket is maneuverable and lightweight, making it easy to use. This racket, very popular among recreational players, offers a mixture of power and comfort. You can start in the world of tennis with this racket from one of the leading brands.

#4 Dunlop CX200 Tour Racket

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Made from premium graphite aluminium , the new Dunlop CX200 Tour offers greater manoeuvrability to gamers and a frame designed to combine power and control, all without stressing joints.

It is the perfect tennis racket for growing players who wish to improve their tennis skills.

The Dunlop CX200 Tour tennis racket has a big head with a big sweet spot, making it easier to sync shots and get power behind them. The head measures 100 in 2 (645 cm2) and the racket suits beginners or recreational players. It's balanced, giving a mix of maneuverability and power, and the frame weighs 270g (9.5oz). The stringing pattern of the racket is 16x19.

The best Dunlop tennis rackets for kids

Dunlop junior tennis rackets are made to encourage young people to debut on the court. With Dunlop junior rackets being similar to the originals, children will love the modern designs. Dunlop is ideal for ambitious junior players or intermediate adults who want speed, comfort and power.

These tennis rackets have great stability and offer good control and power. They are lightweight, stable and comfortable. The younger ones will be very happy with these rackets.

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Why play tennis?

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Tennis can be a great workout and serve a lot of fun at the same time. Playing tennis has many health benefits, including:

  • Increased aerobic capacities.
  • Reduce heart rate and resting blood pressure.
  • Improve metabolic function.
  • Increase bone density.
  • Lower body fat.
  • Improve muscle tone, strength and flexibility.
  • Increase reaction times.

In addition to being a great physical workout, tennis is also a low-impact sport, a great way to meet people and spend time with friends. Tennis is suitable for all ages and skill levels.Whatever your level, you can find someone with a similar ability to play. It helps reduce stress, you can play from a young age or start the game at any age.

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