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Tennis strings Tecnifibre are very big at tennis, with their incredible history and quality behind the brand, read on to learn fun facts about the brand and the types of strings there are for each player and why many professionals prefer it.

There are several lines within the Tecnifibre brand, each with special features for different types of players, among them is the TRIAX strings, being a monofilament string for better control but with attributes similar to multifilament, this and much more you will find out in our review of Tecnifibre tennis strings.

Let us show you some of the best Tecnifibre tennis strings you’ll find on the market.

Why Tecnifibre tennis strings?

Tecnifibre is a well-known brand in the world of tennis, since 1983 the first strings made in France were created with a new and unique technology that was polyurethane, two years later it launches its first stringing machine that is a success, so much so that it becomes the official brand for stringing and stringing at Roland Garros, which allows you to position yourself and be An ally of the best tennis professionals in terms of accessories.

From 2013 Tecnifibre was a sponsor of the ATP until the end of 2020. So it is a reliable brand with an important trajectory and recognized for its great quality and being at the forefront of the needs of the players and that is why it has a wide variety of tennis strings with specialized lines for each type of player.

Among the lines of strings we will find the HDMX, with HIBRID 3D technology combining 3 materials in a single string giving it more power and control without the need to be mono or multifilament, there are also the RAZOR CODE with a very good durability and enough tension to last a full match, Remember that it is important to constantly change your string.

You will find more than 12 lines of tennis strings in the Tecnifibre brand, a very difficult decision to make if you do not know the difference between one line and another. In this review we will show you the 4 best and some others that will help you acquire an excellent and long-lasting string.

The best Tecnifibre tennis strings

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Tecnifibre tennis strings on sale

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What are the best Tecnifibre tennis strings?

#1 Tennis string tecnifibre black code

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This string suitable for intermediate and professional players, is 100% bastyl fiber will give you maximum power without sacrificing comfort, its feeling is very similar to that of the natural gut so much so that you will have to check it 2 times, it is a synthetic multifilament of supreme quality. It uses Silicone Pyrogene Lubritec to be more durable, a worthy competitor to the Babolat RPM Blast string.

TECNIFIBRE BLACK CODE tennis strings are a fabulous copolyester made with THERMOCORE technology. It has a PENTAGONAL profile to have a good grip of the ball, ideal to generate good effects. It maintains the tension in an extraordinary way and its sensation is really soft, one of the flagship strings of the Tecnifibre brand in the world.

#2 Tecnifibre NRG tennis string

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It is the string used by professional tennis player Daria Kastkina on the circuit. It is a large string made with THERMOCORE technology. It has a PENTAGONAL profile to have a good grip of the ball, ideal to generate good effects. It maintains the tension in an extraordinary way and its sensation is really soft. Its material is copolyester and multifilament ideal for players looking for great control and exceptional power in the effects.

They say that among the Tecnifibre tennis strings the NRG2 is the one that best resembles the natural gut, uses a material called Silicone pyrogene lubritec that makes it more durable, you will feel the power and control in each stroke, undoubtedly a quality material with a fairly affordable price.

#3 Tecnifibre X-One Biphase string

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The Tecnifibre X-One tennis strings are for players with high resistance and versatility, this string is suitable for frames of more than 300g, its construction is polyester multifilament, the particularity of this range designed by Tecnifibre is to provide flexibility despite a rigid material thanks to the Thermocore process. The X-ONE cord is the most versatile of this line of strings because it is very functional in terms of resistance and power.

The X-ONE string is a previous version of the red code pro and its creation was focused for intermediate - high level players, this because of the characteristics of the string to stop the weight of the racket and the power that is applied, it is expected that a player with red core string can have a reasonable resistance and better versatility when performing effects.

#4 Pro Red Code Tennis Strings

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The Tecnifibre Red Code PRO tennis string line is considered as The most durable string of the brand, you can find it with caliber of 1.20mm and 1.30mm and in monofilament, despite having monofilament you feel a clear impact on your strokes, you can appreciate the good control and grip it has with the ball, very convenient for fast and aggressive players.

The PRO RED CORE delights us with state-of-the-art technology that prolongs the useful life of the string, Tecnifibre has been characterized by giving us tennis strings of very good quality with an excellent level of play, the amount of Tecnifibre tennis strings that you will find in the market along with its qualities will help you choose the ideal one for you.

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