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As a tennis fan, you should know that generalizing in this sport is not the best thing in terms of performance. There are different types of products that adapt to each type of situation in tennis. In this case with tennis shoes, there are different types for various types of tennis courts, for competitive players and for the little ones.

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What tennis surface do you usually play on?

There are tennis shoes designed for each type of court, just like tennis balls, so it’s essential to know the surface you usually play on: Clay, Hard, or Grass? However, if your game knows no limits and you find yourself playing on all types of surfaces, I would suggest you consider the “All Court” shoes. They are designed to adapt to any type of tennis court.

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Best tennis shoes brands

A good brand of tennis shoes is essential to ensure a comfortable and safe playing experience. There are brands that are made with more durable materials, or with more comfortable materials to speed up your game on the court. The most recognised and reliable brands of shoes are the following:

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What are the differences between pressurised and depressurised balls?

When choosing tennis balls, an important aspect to consider is whether the ball is pressurised or depressurised. In simple terms, these categories refer to the nature of the ball’s core.

If the ball has a solid rubber core, it is considered a depressurised ball. This type of ball does not contain air or any other gas inside. However, if the ball has a hollow rubber core, it is likely to be filled with air or nitrogen under pressure. This type of ball is known as a pressurised ball.

Both versions are covered with a pile fabric coating to ensure proper grip on the court surface.

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