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Innovation is the center of Babolat, a brand that stands out among all the others, great professional players use it and its strings are not left out of the quality requirement. The BABOLAT RPM BLAST string is the perfect example, with its specific structure, it proposes more spin, preserving an incomparable comfort.

The players of now and perhaps like you are looking for great power but at the same time comfort so as not to hurt the arm, Babolat has implemented technologies in which the monofilament is softer and helps a lot with the lifting, many consider Babolat as a worthy competitor of Wilson tennis strings.

Let us show you why the Babolat rpm Blast string is listed as one of the best strings on the market.

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Features of babolat RPM Blast string

For the Babolat RPM blast string it is worth extending a little since behind its creation there was a lot of study in terms of answering the following question: what helps to generate a good lifted spin or snap back? , although it has a lot to do with the technique and the type of player, the pattern of the string, or the roughness of the strings The quality of the spin is related to the movement of the strings between them during the blow and especially afterwards, bone the flexibility between the strings.

Other features that we can highlight are the following:

Advantages of RPM Blast stringing over other strings

If you are looking for a string with incredible power and want to achieve the effect of lifting but still want to have comfort this string is perfect, because there are many others that are heavier or rougher They will not give you a good feeling of manageability and will affect your arm because you still do not have the strength of a professional player, so this babolat rpm Blast string has that great balance between power and comfort.

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Which players is the babolat rpm blast string best suited to?

It would be wrong if I told you that it is only for intermediate or beginner players because it is actually for Powerful and strong players to whom the spin supplement provides to keep the ball even more easily on the court, which translates to if you want to be the best in effects and beat your opponent this will adapt better to you. Keep in mind that you must know the techniques of effects so that it is not a waste not to use their great advantages.

This string is well recognized as Rafael Nadal himself, yes, in fact because he uses it is for that and much more that he gives those big slaps to his opponents

Another great player who uses this string is our beloved and admired Fabio Fognini. is an Italian professional tennis player. Another great player who uses the RPM blast is Karolína Plíšková is a professional tennis player from the Czech Republic. Her best WTA ranking is world number 1, a position she reached on July 17, 2017 and held for 9 weeks. And the highest position in doubles was world number 11.

Why is it important to choose the right tennis string?

I quote and agree with Babolat that the string is the engine of efficiency on a court, and if we say you have a bad racket (bone the skeleton) but you put a good string instantly your racket becomes good. So that’s why the string is very important since it is the one that has contact with the ball directly you just have to take into account its thickness, its construction and what you want it for.

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The Babolat RPM Blast string was studied for 2 years and tested by many professional tennis players to give the endorsement of releasing it to the market and all concluded that it has a great feeling when it comes to hitting with control and perfect to dominate the lifted.

If you consider yourself a player who likes quality and make the most of the technology that babolat brings in strings then the babolat rpm Blast string is the best for you, we recommend you see its technical and physical specifications to better understand how to make the most of this string.

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