Wilson tennis bags are one of the most elegant in the world of tennis, I assume that you have entered this site to find a wilson tennis bag for you; although of course, that I cannot know. I will tell you that regardless of the reason why you are here, you will find rackets of the magnificent brand that is Wilson for every type of need and level of play, at decent prices, adapted to you, the tennis player who is reading this.



Why Wilson’s tennis bags?

Wilson is one of the most prominent brands of tennis rackets and is the trusted brand of a significant number of elite tennis players since they began producing tennis equipment, so you can see why it is one of the oldest tennis brands in history. Its popularity and trust is largely due to the success of professional tennis players. Roger Federer, who has been using a Wilson bag for years, and Serena Williams who is a historic tennis player. Due to their success, hundreds of professionals currently use Wilson tennis bags such as Gaël Monfils or the Argentinean Juan Martín del Potro.

In addition, Wilson tennis bags are of excellent quality, with many tennis bags on offer and also employ the latest in bag technology including waterproof materials, anti-bacterial and more. Read on to learn all about Wilson bags, and, of course, which are the best Wilson tennis racket carriers.

wilson tennis bags Gaël Monfils


Best Wilson tennis bags 2021



Wilson tennis bag for beginners

Wilson advantage tennis bag 2020
749 valoraciones
Wilson advantage tennis bag 2020

  • Dimensions: 71 x 22.5 x 29 cm
  • 3 racket capacity

Here’s a great offer from Wilson for the most beginner players. And the difference from other bags of this caliber, is that it has a large and deep secondary compartment in the front. This means that all your personal belongings will fit perfectly.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the main compartment because you can barely fit three adult rackets into the unit as advertised. But it will do a perfect job for two. However, with this Advantage tennis bag, your essential tennis equipment such as your rackets, a can of balls, or a small bottle of water will find a cozy place inside and if you are just starting to play tennis, this is more than enough.


The bag´s fashionable colors caught our attention. We know how important it is to have not only a practice but also an elegant tennis bag. After all, sports equipment is not about the quality of the fabric or the number of extra pockets on the outside. That’s why we think that the black design of this product is the ideal complement to your tennis equipment.
We didn’t like the fact that there’s no cushioning inside this tennis bag and no carrying handle.




Raquetero Wilson para jugadores intermedios

Wilson Sporting Goods Federer tennis bag 2020
38 valoraciones
Wilson Sporting Goods Federer tennis bag 2020

  • Modern black polyurethane molded side panels.
  • Black rubber screen logo and silver RF signature on each side.
  • 2 main compartments for equipment and clothing - both lined with thermo protector to protect against extreme heat.
  • 2 outer side pockets for personal storage.



A sleek black design, ample space for your tennis equipment and a silver Roger Federer signature on either side of this bag, what more could you want? This Wilson tennis bag is definitely a great choice, as it can hold up to 12 rackets along with your stuff.

Plus, it comes with ergonomic backpack handles and a carrying handle for added convenience. And the manufacturer has added extra strength to enhance the effectiveness of the bag’s zippers.


Our team likes the features of this tennis bag. There are two main compartments for your rackets and an extra pocket for your clothes. All are climate protected, as there is a thermal protection lining inside. Another thing we liked is that this bag can hold twelve large rackets without any problems. Therefore, there’s no need to look any further.
We wanted a separate compartment for the shoes. After all, for this price, an extra pocket would be more than welcome.




Termos de tenis Wilson para competir

Wilson Super Tour 3 Tennis Racket Bag
12 valoraciones
Wilson Super Tour 3 Tennis Racket Bag

  • Two-tone polyester fabric with TPU coating.
  • 3 main compartments for clothes, shoes, accessories and up to 15 rackets.
  • 2 large outer side pockets for personal storage.
  • 2 small side pockets with fleece for accessories.


If you are going to buy a high quality tennis racket like the Wilson Blade 98, you will need a big tennis bag like this one to protect it. You can also carry many other brands of tennis rackets along with a generous amount of support equipment. This bag has almost rigid sides to protect the multiple rackets you can put in it (15 rackets) and many other padded and non-padded compartments for storage as well.


This is another bag that has built-in features that will protect the sensitive string of your tennis racket. Wilson calls this its “heat protection” technology. It protects your racket from damage caused by heat and cold, and its spring tension is affected when you carry the tennis bag from one location to another.
One of the things we notice about this Wilson tennis racket is that he’s a little big. That can make it difficult to put in a saturated trunk or carry it conveniently in a vehicle. That’s just a warning in case you play on a team that’s traveling together or sharing a car with your friends to play the match.




My Wilson tennis bag, is it any good?

There are a hundred different designs and concepts of tennis bags and it is very important that you know the characteristics of the best wilson tennis bags such as those offered on this website.

To begin with, I have to say that I have not tried all of the hundred bags, as is obvious, but I have tried enough to reach the conclusion that the most important thing is not the amount of things that fit you, but the comfort, that is the key; when we carry our tennis equipment, we do not want to make the slightest effort to transport it as this would be wasting our energy and even damaging our back, and at the time of the tennis match, you will remember this…

Speaking of equipment, the best wilson tennis bags are those that allow you to store most of your tennis equipment; whether it’s your shoes, water bottle, various rackets, towel, accessories, meals such as snacks or fruit, and much more. The above selection perfectly represents bags of this high caliber, with space for everything you can imagine and keeping everything inside the racket carrier spotless.



Don’t you know what to carry inside your wilson tennis bag?

Those of us who have found ourselves in the situation of packing wilson tennis bags or wilson tennis racket holders know that it is not as easy a decision as it seems. Almost all of us have wasted space in our wilson tennis bags for unnecessary things, leaving out important things.

Here is a video that will be very helpful if you want to go always equipped as a real Rafa nadal.





tennis ball iconWell, you’ve reached the end, but you’ve only explored the Wilson brand of tennis bags, take a look at the best tennis bags of all brands, on this page. Good luck.


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