Best Dunlop Tennis Balls | 2023

For those tennis lovers in the world, you will know that dunlop tennis balls are the most popular in official tournaments and training clubs in many countries with a wide variety of products that suits the style of each player.

The Dunlop Brand is characterized by having patented technologies that highlight a light, strong and fairly fast ball, with possibilities of finding them at affordable costs or some high depending on the type of technology used.

Let us show you some of the best Dunlop tennis balls you’ll find on the market.

Dunlop tennis balls have a history that comes from more than 100 years ago in the market, not only highlight their tennis balls but also have more tennis products and are also leaders in squash, paddle and badminton. They are always improving

Its history begins in 1888 but in 1923 Dunlop focuses its market on tennis balls which would give more quality and consistency in the product. And in 2019 Dunlop becomes the official ball of the ATP which is the governing body of the men’s professional tennis circuit.

You will find Dunlop tennis balls that come in tube type presentation with combinations of 3 or 4 balls or large pack of 48 and up to 72 balls, in bucket or boxes. each with the characteristics of the brand.


Keep in mind that each brand offers you a variety of wholesale tennis balls that accommodate the type of floor on which you will play, quality and durability, three important criteria that are characterized in dunlop tennis balls type Fort, Tour, ATP or Australian Open.

The best Dunlop tennis balls

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Dunlop tennis balls at the best price

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What is the best Dunlop tennis ball?

#1 Dunlop Fort Tennis Balls

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Find various types of tennis balls dunlop fort, if you want for any type of court would be the fort all court, if you want it for clay court the fort clay is ideal but if you want better visibility then go for the Fort elite, all approved by the ITF

The Dunlop Fort comes in presentation of four balls with metal boat, this Dunlop tennis ball likes a lot among players and amateurs for its good quality / price ratio, its speed quality and durability will allow you to play comfortably in competitive environments such as leisure and fun environments

#2 Dunlop Fort Tournament

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This Dunlop Tour tennis ball is pressurized with excellent visibility so you do not miss any blow since its felt is a little brighter and serves you on any surface, you can even use it from a ball launcher without any problem.

This Dunlop tennis ball you will find it in presentation of 3 balls in plastic boat, preferred by many players for its HD core (premium materials that take much longer to wear and guarantees a maximum gaming experience) and hi-vis felt, characteristics that for some fans is relevant.

#3 Dunlop ATP tennis balls

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This Dunlop tennis ball ATP is the #1 ball of the ATP for its high quality has HD Pro Cloth and HD Pro Core technology, these technologies of the dunlop brand have allowed this brand to catapult into the top of tennis balls in the market as they give it the best consistency and the best performance, comes in a 4-unit pot.

It will take you a long time to wait for it to give you a wear, of the most recommended for clubs and recreational games for its HD pro Core, which is a high resistance felt with premium materials for high durability and gaming experience.

#4 Dunlop Australian Open tennis balls

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This Dunlop Australian Open tennis ball is the ball official Australian Open and Emirates Australian Open Series. It contains the same technology as the Dunlop ATP but it is soft and serves you for any surface, it was meticulously manufactured for this type of event, however it can be used by any player on any surface or environment, you will enjoy the same quality with which the TOP world play.

Best dunlop tennis balls for kids

Dunlop tennis balls for kids vthey have in all colors for each stage, this depends on the age and dexterity of the child. Remember to see our article of the best children’s tennis balls

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Why is it important to choose the right tennis ball?

It is an important question that you should ask yourself when you want to enter the world of tennis, your decision will depend on whether you are a beginner, amateur or play professionally, because there are also different types of surfaces so you will need a tennis ball that suits your needs, without a doubt the Dunlop tennis balls are an excellent option to start and strengthen your tennis skills.

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Other brands of tennis balls

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