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Like any sport, many have started their training at a very early age, managing to acquire a love for tennis since childhood, if you were one of them and have young children who want to enter the world of tennis, this article is for you!

All the big brands know that competitive training starts at an early age, that’s why they have a whole line of tennis elements for children and teenagers. Children’s tennis rackets are in the most desired since it will be the racket who will merge with the style of the player and become a world-class tennis player.

Why should children play tennis from an early age?

Research has highlighted that cognitive and learning ability is more accelerated at an early age, allowing children to absorb knowledge and play patterns more easily, however this would not be possible if they do not have the right tools to achieve those objectives, imagine if a child played with a Standard tennis racket for adult or with a tennis ball with an inadequate speed. It would be disastrous!

raquetas de tenis de niños

When our little tennis players enter this world they must have the Right toolsTo bring out their greatest potential, children’s tennis rackets meet that goal and have the ideal characteristics to adapt to A child’s strength and speed, in this case for children with height less than 99cm will have a whole range of tennis rackets to choose from.

Keep in mind that apart from children’s tennis rackets, there are other equipment that must be chosen carefully to strengthen the child’s relationship with tennis, these are:

In conclusion… Everyone agrees that it is important to start training at an early age, but do not hurry!, wait for the ideal moment where the child feels the desire and motivation to enter this magnificent sport.

Best children's <tennis rackets 99cm

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Toddler tennis rackets on sale

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Best tennis rackets for kids <99cm

#1 Wilson Burn Pink Racket

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Sieve 85%
Balance Ideal 90%
Ideal string 90%

Wilson Burn children’s tennis rackets is a light racket, with good aerodynamics, an ideal size for both the hand and the head where the tennis ball hits, It has an ideal length to make control more comfortable when playing. Keep in mind that these rackets work excellent on any court you play

The Wilson Burn comes with its respective cover to maintain the integrity of the racket in excellent condition, comes with 3 standard tennis balls with which you can start playing instantly, its size is 19 ", a head of 613cm and a weight of 205g.

#2 Wilson US Open Tennis Racket

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Sieve 89%
Balance Ideal 80%
Ideal string 85%

Children’s tennis rackets Wilson child is a racket of 43cm for very young children (around 3-5 years), has an ideal grip and a comfortable weight that makes the child can manipulate it easily and not generate pain in the wrist or arm, The Head brand is a brand specialized in tennis for early ages so its knowledge allows it to guarantee a Ideal product to start with the world of tennis.

The Wilson US Open has a weight of only 150g, which for very young ages is perfect, especially to improve the stability it must have, this racket is highly recommended for teaching clubs, its grip is made of polyurethane making it resistant before possible falls.

#3 Street Tennis Club Tennis Racket

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Sieve 81%
Balance Ideal 90%
Ideal string 81%

Children’s tennis rackets Street Club is a standard racket ideal for children with height less than 104cm – It has a particularity and is its Sweet Pool design giving the head a stronger and faster impact, reducing the error of not passing the ball to the other side of the net, its length is 19 inches, Standard size that joins for children. While the Babolat brand is not in the top of tennis brands, this racket does meet the requirements to be one of the best children’s tennis rackets.

The Street Club Racket, comes with a tennis bag to maintain the integrity of the racket, 1 grip and 1 vibration damper, essential elements when playing tennis, racket generally used for training and training.

#4 Senston Racket

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Sieve 89%
Balance Ideal 80%
Ideal string 90%

Of course the SENSTON brand could not be left behind bringing us these Children’s tennis rackets, ideal for children between 3-5 years with a technology of the brand that is the technology Damp +, comes with a very colorful and striking design that children like a lot, its weight and size ratio is ideal to start in The world of tennis, the material in general is aluminum and its head measures 17 inches.

The SENSTON comes with its respective protective case to ensure the care of the tennis racket, comes with a mask or sticker to give a little fun to children, for those who like to know specifications in terms of stringing, comes with a 14/15 string pattern. Nothing to envy to the other children's tennis rackets.

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