Best Tennis Rackets Of 2023

Here you will discover the best tennis rackets of 2023 as well as a personalized selection for each player’s style of play, level of play and use. I could guarantee you will be satisfied with your purchase thanks to the quality information offered in Good luck with your purchase. Choose well, think about it, because buying a racket is the key part of tennis and can cost you a considerable amount of money.

What should you consider before buying a tennis racket?

There are several factors that you should consider and think about you and your needs to find out which racket is best for you. You can guide yourself more easily if you figure out your playing style. For example, if you are a defensive player, you might want to opt for a more powerful racket to get the ball out from behind the baseline more easily. Also, you can think about how you will use it, if you are a casual or intensive player you will have to choose between a more durable or less durable racket.

Your level of play also plays an extremely crucial role in your decision, there are tennis rackets for players with minimal experience, for intermediate level players and for experts in the sport. Finally, rackets can be very expensive, especially high-end ones, so you should think about how much money you are willing to spend on your tennis racket to avoid being led by emotion and purchasing the most expensive one available.

The best tennis rackets of 2023

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Which tennis racket line to choose?


The 4 best tennis rackets of 2023

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Babolat EVO Drive racket
Quality-price ratio 98%
Wilson clash 100
Quality-price ratio 91%
Babolat Pure Aero
Quality-price ratio 95%
Wilson Pro Staff
Quality-price ratio 90%

But which is the best tennis racket?

The best tennis racket must have the 3 fundamentals that a racket must have: Control, power and comfort. Below you will find the best choice.

#1 Babolat EVO Drive Racket

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The Babolat EVO Drive tennis racket is a racket designed for the competition since the player Dominic Thiem uses this racket and that shows its credibility since Thiem is of the best players in the world.  This racket is similar to the famous Babolat Pure Drive as it increases control and smooths the hitting of the ball but the downside is that it is not suitable for all levels.

Babolat has made this one a perfect fit for players who want to get some power, control and spin in a comfortable manner, making it the best racket for this 2023. In addition, the new Stabilizer Technology takes care of stability and uses a frame of various shapes and thickness to reduce torsion at impact. Although expensive, from an experienced player's point of view, this tennis racket is definitely worth the money.

#2 Wilson Clash 100L

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Wilson has a wide variety of rackets for all levels and this tennis racket is ideal for adults or youngsters as the weight of the racket is 270g but not for children as it can be a bit heavy for them. The 645cm2 Mid-Plus head ensures considerable power and control levels that will be noticeable when playing tennis.

It is also made of aluminium which is the most suitable material for any tennis racquet. The lightweight head of the racket makes it easier and faster to swing than a racket with a heavier frame. Finally, this product includes a tennis racket cover as an extra that you will surely appreciate for carrying the racket comfortably. For all this, this racket is one of the best to buy at the moment in relation to quality and price.

#3 Babolat Pure Aero

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The Pure Aero is quite a famous racket in the young arena as it is one of the lightest rackets available for adults, weighing only 279g, which is a real bargain. This racket is not recommended for beginners, but for intermediate and even competitive players this racket is ideal thanks to its state of the art technology. With this racket you’ll be able to hit quickly and with pinpoint accuracy as well as more power with no effort thanks to the light weight of the racquet.

The 16x18 stringbed provides plenty of control and wide swing. The frame is made from high quality carbon and has a minimalist and elegant design of the best on the market. For the more technical player, this racket has a parallel hole for minimal vibration and better control at impact with the ball.

Finally, it uses a Countervail technology for more power in the attack phase at the bottom of the court or when going up to volley. This could be the best option in terms of quality and price offered along with the Babolat Pure Strike.

#4 Wilson Pro Staff

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This tennis racket is perfect for beginners and intermediate players as it has a fast and fairly accurate shot. It has a 720cm square “paella” which is quite wide and this means you are more likely to hit the ball with the string than with others with less wide string. In addition, the racket handles beautifully and has amazingly effortless shot power thanks to the Volcanic Framey technology and great spin power thanks to the 16×19 stringing.

The high quality graphite frame and stop-shock bearings offer maximum comfort. As if all this wasn’t enough, the racquet comes with a 22-26kg tension string, saving you money on the purchase of the racket strings. Surprisingly, it is quite affordable for the quality it offers so this racket would be a very good choice for this year as well.

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Which racket do I choose depending on my style of play?

And which one depending on my level of play?

It is important to choose your tennis racket correctly depending on your level of play as it can be very damaging if you don’t choose the best one for you but here, in this guide, you are guaranteed to come out of it.

Competition rackets

All professional players of the ATP ranking use this type of tennis racket as they have the capacity to return balls of more than 200km/h with much more ease. Also, if you are willing to buy a high-end racket to compete you should consider its durability and the stringing you choose as the strings can decompose very quickly if you hit the ball with a lot of force and spin.

These rackets are the most expensive on the tennis market but are well worth it if you are a professional as they all implement the latest technologies and materials. Here you can see the 4 best competition racquets:

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Rackets for intermediate or amateur players

Intermediate players don’t have the ability to hit the ball with as much power, so a more balanced, basic tennis racket will work well for them. They are also suitable for tournament play but not for professionals as their durability will be very low for this level and you could break the strings every few minutes. The good thing about these rackets is that they tend to be more economical due to the use of less resistant materials or less futuristic technology. If you do not play tennis daily and are not fully focused on competition, then these are the rackets that will be best for you.

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Tennis rackets for beginners

Beginners in this sport with a racket made of a material such as carbon and a basic string have plenty of room to learn and refine their tennis technique. These players do not have to worry about the technical part of the racket or its specifications.

The best thing about being a beginner is that your tennis equipment, apart from your cheap tennis racket, is the cheapest there is, as the most basic equipment is made with less quality than the high end ones but still does its job properly. The control in these rackets is much easier and in addition your rackets are lighter which makes it easier to move them for volleying and swinging. Here you can see the 4 best tennis rackets for beginners:

Which are the best children's tennis rackets?

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Children do not need an adult racket because for the strength and height they have it would be too much for them. Children’s rackets weigh much less than those of young people or adults so that children can handle them without difficulty and without effort. In this guide you will discover the 4 best children’s tennis rackets. Good luck with your choice.

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#1 Wilson Roger Federer Junior

The Wilson Roger Federer for Kids is perfect for kids just starting out in tennis and is suitable for children of any age as there are many different sizes of this tennis racket. It is very attractive aesthetically and only weighs 186g which is the ideal weight for children to control the racket easily. And it is 53.3cm long which is a great size for children to enjoy the racket to the fullest.

The fast and precise strokes are what make it one of the most popular children's rackets on the market and I'm sure you and your child will be pleased with it too. The frame is made of high quality and resistant metal and has C-Beam technology for greater stability and ball control. Without a doubt, it deserves to be among the 4 best children's tennis rackets.

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#2 Dunlop Sports Nitro Junior

Dunlop Sports Nitro is especially recommended for children aged 10 to 11 as it is a perfect size for them. Now, younger children will have the opportunity with this 58.4cm long junior tennis racket. It is also made of aluminum which is a lightweight material.

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#3 HEAD Speed Kids

This racket is also a highly recommended option for children tennis players as it has very unique technologies such as: The racket inserts moisture for improved vibration absorption in return. It is also a tennis paddle made of aluminum for greater durability and maximum power when hitting the tennis ball.

It is a very lightweight racket, ideal for any tennis fan and includes a cover to prevent scratches on the head of the racket. Your child will be delighted with it and will enjoy tennis more thanks to its comfort.

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#4 Wilson US Open Junior

Children’s racket with a striking design by Roger Federer with a height from 1 meter and 1 meter 45cm or more. Vibration is reduced and better control is achieved on strokes thanks to the QuadriForm technology. What’s interesting about this children’s tennis racket is that it has a larger sweet spot, which means the child will find it easier to hit the ball more often in the perfect spot for more power and a more fluid game. This racket is very well balanced in addition to its light weight of only 195g and therefore learning the technique and hitting will be easier and more fun for children. This is without a doubt the best children’s tennis racket this year.

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Characteristics of the tennis rackets

⮞ Racket weight

⮞ Head size

Larger heads will produce more power than smaller heads. In addition, those with a larger head have more room to hit the ball which also increases the chances of hitting the ball with the racket string. If you want to have one of the best rackets around, then you should go for the 95-110 square inch head size as these virtually guarantee professional control and ideal power.

In short, the larger rackets are best for beginners or intermediate level players who want to have more decent power and a finer stroke with the ball. And smaller stringed racquets are more focused on the more talented players with a more noticeable ease of use of the racket as their desire to have greater control and accuracy.

⮞ Racket length

Most commonly, the best tennis rackets measure about 27 inches in length, although there are up to 29 inches which is the maximum you can have in order to play tournaments legally. The longer the racket, the more power it generates, the easier it is to serve, and the longer the range of strokes to the baseline, which is much better than the normal racket length. Players who opt for a longer racket will like to hear that most of these types of rackets are lighter than others with a shorter length so they can be controlled more easily, in other words, maneuvered. Below you can see the parts of a tennis racket:
parts of a tennis racket

The downside of longer rackets is that increasing the length of your racket will also lengthen your swing which could hurt you or make it harder for you to adapt to that racket if you came from a shorter length.

Best Junior tennis rackets

Almost all of the most famous tennis racket brands have lighter models called “Lite” which focuses on the more experienced children as these rackets are usually the younger brother of the full adult racket. But don’t forget that children still need a less heavy racket for the strength they have and this selection below are the 4 best junior tennis rackets for any child between 11-15 years old.

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But of course, if you are already a competitive junior, and looking to play tennis as a professional, the sooner you get used to adult rackets, the more you will appreciate it in the future of your tennis career.

Most popular tennis racket brands

Babolat, Head, Dunlop and Wilson are the most specialized brands of tennis rackets to trade the best tennis rackets as each brand has several types of tennis rackets adapted to each type of player depending on their level or age. The brand of rackets you choose is crucial for you as it must be meeting your needs. Below you will find the best brands of cheap tennis rackets and always at the best possible price.

Babolat tennis rackets

The Babolat brand was the one that created the first tennis strings, so you can see why it is one of the oldest tennis brands in history. Its popularity and confidence is largely due to the success of professional tennis players like Rafael Nadal ,who has been using a Babolat racket since he was 11 years old, and Andy Roddick who is a historical tennis player. Due to their success, today hundreds of professionals use Babolat tennis rackets such as Dominic Thiem or Garbiñe Muguruza.

In addition, Babolat tennis rackets are of excellent quality and employ the latest in racket technology.  If you want to know more about Babolat's tennis rackets look at this page.

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Wilson tennis rackets

Wilson is probably the best known and most popular brand in the world of professional, amateur and beginner tennis due to its huge variety of products and most exceptional materials with the latest technology and its collection of Wilson tennis rackets is not far behind. Players like Peter Sampras and Roger Federer himself use this brand and have achieved glory with it. Without a doubt this is the best brand of tennis rackets and here at you can discover a wide variety of Wilson tennis rackets such as the Wilson Pro Staff or the Wilson Blade. And also, on our Wilson rackets page, we select the best rackets of this brand.

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Head tennis rackets

A well-known brand of tennis rackets is Head, Head tennis rackets are renowned for their ability to “burn” the ball to reach the highest speeds of the ATP. Novak Djokovic or Andy Murray use this brand and it is mainly them who have made Head better known along with other professional tennis players. At you will find many models of Head that you are sure to get, as they make some of the best tennis rackets and it is a real wonder to play with them.

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Dunlop tennis rackets

This brand is not so recommended for professional players as its technology and materials used are not on a par with Babolat or Wilson. But on the other hand, it is perfect for the rest of the players even for the competition ones since the Dunlop brand is very wise in the tennis world because it is one of the longest lasting brands in existence.

The famous tennis player John McEnroe, was and still is the top representative of this brand that also has models that can compete with the other best rackets of 2023. You will be delighted with any Dunlop racket, we can assure you.

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