Best tennis racket strings of 2023

Here you will discover this year’s best tennis strings as well as a personalized selection for each style of play for each type of player, level of play and use. I could guarantee you will be satisfied with your purchase thanks to the unbeatable quality information offered in Good luck with your purchase. Choose with confidence, because the string is the most important part of this sport.

What should you know before deciding which tennis strings to buy?

The racket stringing is probably the most important part of this sport since depending on the racket you have, and especially the stringing, you will hit the ball with more or less power or with more or less spin.

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Choosing a string is not easy but in this guide we will make your life easier by recommending the one that best suits you. Before deciding on a particular string you should consider your level of play as well as your playing style as this will play a crucial role in your final decision. The use you make of your strings is also very important as if you play tennis constantly the strings will wear out faster and you would benefit from longer lasting strings.

Best Tennis Strings Ranking 2023

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Comparison of the 4 best tennis strings

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Babolat Pro Hurricane tennis string
Quality-price ratio 98%
Wilson Sensation 200m string
Quality-price ratio 91%
Pro´s Pro Blackout tennis strings
Quality-price ratio 95%
Head Lynx Tour Reel string
Quality-price ratio 90%

#1 Babolat Pro Hurricane

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The Babolat Pro Hurricane string is undoubtedly the best tennis string you can buy this year as you have 200m of string to change your strings more than once. Secondly, it is a co-polyester string that is mostly used by tennis players who use the topspin a lot to harm their opponent.

All in all this string offers amazing durability and is one of the best tennis strings for top-spin, which will ensure your satisfaction with your shot.

#2 Wilson Sensation tennis string

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This string is synthetic, and also very manageable to string, has a medium durability for a string of this type, and you notice a high comfort when playing with a monofilament, and undoubtedly one of the best prices for a string of this quality. It is a multifilament string suitable for competition and is made of composite materials.

If you decide to opt for this model you will not be disappointed as it is one of the best quality strings offering an unbeatable comfort.

#3 Pro´s Pro Blackout

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This is a very innovative polyester string with a high technology pentagonal cross section. The control offered by this string is superb and also provides extra spin to help your spin game. The most remarkable feature of this tennis string is that the string does not lose tension, does not slip, is extremely durable, was designed for competition and provides an overwhelming performance.

In short, with a length of 200m you have more than enough to change your string game more than once. This string is one of the most prodigious in the sport.

#4 Head Lynx Tour Reel​

Head Lynx Tour is an extra long string because the strings are made of polyester. Because they are very durable strings, they are recommended for those tennis players who hit the ball hard as they will break the string much earlier than those who hit it with less power. So they are ideal for those who break strings frequently.

The price of this string is a joke compared to its competition with similar characteristics so it is another “plus” to opt for this string. If you decide to buy this model, you will be proud of yourself.

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Types of tennis strings

The world of strings is very complex as there are an infinite number of types of tennis strings to choose from but the aim of this website is to make your life easier when it comes to deciding what is best for you. Now, if you don’t feel like you’ve been informed enough you can view this content in a more technical way here.


The threads of these strings can be pentagonal, hexagonal, round or even octagonal since the monofilament is only formed by a single filament.

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There are two types of monofilament: those that are 100% polyester which are more focused for pure competition as they are much more durable than the copolymers which are the other type.

The monofilament strings or those made of polyester, we recommend them for those tennis players who have enough strength and power to not damage their elbow on impact. This also includes tennis players who constantly break their strings. However, it is not recommended for players with less striking power, who do not break strings, or with a less resistant elbow, which increases the probability of damaging the elbow.


Multifilaments are strings that are formed by several filaments joined together in different ways. Polyamide, Polyurethane, among others, are the materials used in this type of tennis strings.

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This type of strings is more recommended for those tennis players who are still developing their muscles and who do not break strings often since their possibility of getting injured is much higher than that of the more trained and strongest players.

In short, it is ideal for women and older players as it increases the power of the shot by 20%.

Kevlar strings

Kevlar is by far the most durable string but string stiffness is very risky and dangerous as the elbow will be badly affected and can cause very severe injuries. In addition, they constantly produce vibrations and their power is denigrating.

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These are the most innovative and recent strings as they employ a technology never seen before which consists of using two types of strings in one string. Babolat was the first tennis brand to implement it in its products and currently more than 40% of ATP and WTA Tour players have hybrid strings made of natural gut.

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Babolat’s idea was to put two different types of strings together. One type for the horizontal strings; which would be multi-filament with a more elastic string and natural gut for comfort and precise control. And another type for the vertical strings; that would be monofilament and at the same time more rigid to increase its power and topspin without forgetting to increase the durability of the string.

Hybrids are highly recommended as they considerably improve racket performance on the court and can be used by all types of players.


Nylon tennis strings are the cheapest in the world of strings but of course this means that the quality is not the best.

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Stringing your tennis racket

Okay, you got the string, but now what do you do with it? We recommend that you go to a specialist racket-stringing shop so that they can string it perfectly and set the right tension for your racket taking into account your level of play and your needs etc.

However, if you are not willing to pay a professional to string your racket, then you can buy a stringing machine and string as many rackets as you like but this is not easy.

⮞ How to string tennis rackets?

In this video you will learn the basics to start stringing your own rackets.

Tennis string brands

There are several brands to choose from and one of them will have the best tennis string for you so you should choose carefully among the brands: Babolat, Wilson, Pro’s Pro, Tecnifibre and Luxilon.

Babolat tennis strings

Babolat has brought a great technological innovation to the world of tennis, but especially to the field of tennis strings, as they introduced hybrid strings and are now widely used on the Tour.

Moreover, this is a historical tennis brand since great tennis players like Rafael Nadal or Dominic Thiem have achieved glory with materials from this prodigious brand. You can find out more about babolat tennis strings here.

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Wilson strings

Wilson tennis strings are a wonder. Wilson has a wide variety of strings to choose from, from beginners to tennis experts and for all tastes. Also, a large number of professionals use their strings which guarantees their reliable quality and that among them are several of the best tennis strings.

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Pro´s Pro tennis strings

This brand is less known worldwide because they only specialize in tennis racket strings. The highlight of this tennis company is the professional quality offered by multiple strings of their brand. Most of the tennis community has been satisfied with the strings so you are likely to be pleased with them as well. The good thing is that this brand offers cheap tennis strings.

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Tecnifibre strings

Tecnifibre is the most “premium” brand of racket strings as they offer first and foremost a quality worth buying and also a huge inventory in which you will find almost guaranteed, the string you have been looking for for a long time. In we especially recommend this brand and also Babolat.

I don't forget to mention the luxilon tennis strings, because they are also important references in the world of tennis racket strings.

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