Best competitive tennis bags | 2023

To win your matches you need to be physically prepared and, of course, you can’t afford to be missing any accessories. As a good competitor you know that at any time you may need another racket, a towel, a bottle of water or even something to eat.

The competitive tennis bags are specially designed to bring all the essentials of tennis to your training and competitions since they have all the necessary compartments for the rackets (you can carry up to 12 rackets, the Intermediate bags carry 6) and other accessories, none backpack or other type of bag is designed to provide the storage, protection and comfort that tennis bags offer.

We are going to show you some of the best competitive tennis bags you will find on the market.

Who are the competition bags for?

These bags are designed for players who take tennis seriously, who devote much of their time to this beautiful sport, active competitors who want to make the most of each compartment, who need to carry several rackets and other items, players who are looking for space, comfort and protection for their sporting goods.

The competition bags are characterized by being manufactured with a more resistant material, they allow to house more tennis rackets and also have pockets for other important implements that are taken to the playing field, they are also accessories that were made to measure for an elite player and are distributed to be used by anyone, unlike the Competitive tennis backpacks. Lu main function is to be able to store multiple tennis rackets.

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You will find tennis bags of all brands with different designs and materials, also with different pockets and capacities, it depends on your style and purpose of use to make the right decision and buy the tennis bag that best suits your training and matches.

Best Competitive Tennis Bags

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Competitive tennis bags at the best price

The competitive tennis bags shown below are designed for advanced players who need plenty of space to carry everything they need. They are designed to carry sporting goods, personal items and a maximum of 12 rackets.

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What are the best competitive tennis bags?

#1 Head Tour Team bag

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The Head Tour Team has a lot of capacity thanks to its 3 compartments with enough space to carry up to 9 rackets, it has two zippered front pockets that make access to small objects quick and easy. It is comfortable and practical enough to carry as a backpack with a handle that you can adjust on the shoulders or back.

This is the best tennis bag for a person who plays and travels constantly. It is easy to transport and has plenty of space available. It can also be used to store pool material or clothes to change etc. In the end it depends on the use you want to give it.

#2 Babolat EVO bag

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This babolat competition bag They have excellent quality materials, it is highly recommended if what you need is space, it has five separate compartments in which you can store up to 6 rackets without extra covers, one of its compartments has special ventilation for your shoes, in the front it has a semi-rigid zipper to store personal items. In addition, the inside of some pockets are thermal, so some tennis bags are also called tennis thermoses.

The Babolat EVO racket player has been very popular with higher-level players. It is a little bulkier and heavier but just enough not to get tired of carrying it on your back. It has all the necessary space and more.

#3 Wilson Pro Staff Bag

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These competitive tennis bag can store up to 12 rackets and have outer side pockets to organize small objects. This racket bag has 3 large compartments and is made of high quality durable materials to ensure the protection of your sports equipment, the outer sides are rigid, the interior is lined and for comfort there are two padded and adjustable backpack handles and additional personal storage space, and it has Roger’s legendary signature on each side.

#4 Babolat Pure Aero bag

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The Babolat Pure Aero is one of the most popular bags on the market, has a striking design and very good manufacturing, has three main compartments and side pockets for accessories, has a removable bag for footwear and its back handles are covered with a padding. If what you need is space, this is ideal for you. Finally it has a strong and resistant frame to store the rackets well.

The Babolat Pure Aero differs very little from its companion the Pure Drive, some will say that only the color is the most noticeable difference, in terms of compartments, number of rackets or if you can store the tennis shoes etc. They have the same proportion and the same style of the Babolat brand.

What can you wear on competitive tennis bags?

In the competition bags you can keep more than just rackets, you can take a lot of sports equipment with you:

  • Tennis balls: You can’t be sure there are enough tennis balls on the court for the match, so it’s worth bringing some spares.
  • Stringing: you will never know if at any point in the match you can break ropes. Unless you have more rackets you will not be able to continue playing.
  • Wristbands, knee pads, elastic bands and warm-up straps: it is important to take care of yourself with proper warm-up and adequate protection, especially during training sessions.
  • Also personal items such as money, mobile phone, deodorant, tape, towel, thermal cream, sunscreen and water bottles, etc.
raqueteros de tenis de competición

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