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The world of tennis balls is quite large and accommodates all tastes and types of players, from children to adults, and the Wilson tour ball is characterized by being one of the most acclaimed by players.

Like all tennis balls, characterized by the yellow color that we immediately relate to the world of tennis, we find the Wilson Tour balls. We will show you how this ball has gradually positioned itself as one of the most desired balls by fans of this great game.

Let me show you some of the best Wilson Tour balls you’ll find on the market.

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Features of the Wilson Ball tour

The Wilson brand has put a lot of effort into making this ball have optimal playability, when you play with the Wilson tour ball you will find the following features:

  • They are tennis dishes for clay surfaces, you can use it in competition or for training.
  • Durability above average.
  • Sealing lid canister for easy storage and increased ball durability
  • Felt Technology to prevent weight gain by land
  • ITF Certificate
  • Hard core
  • Felt coating

Advantages of the Wilson tour ball over other balls

Keep in mind that each brand offers you a variety of tennis balls that accommodate the type of floor on which you will play, quality and durability, three important criteria when choosing the ideal tennis ball for you, in this space we will show why the Wilson tour ball can be an advantage in your game.

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Who are the Wilson tour balls for?

Each amateur or professional player to the world of tennis has had to validate on their own that tennis ball offers the performance and durability that is expected to have in a game, whether training or competitive.

The Wilson Ball Tour transcends in the world of tennis for its excellent technology, although its focus is on clay, it can be used on any surface.

Without a doubt, we recommend you try the Wilson Tour ball and see for yourself if the advantages they offer suit your style of play and meet your expectations.

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Why is it important to choose the right tennis ball?

In the world of tennis you will find that at the beginning, when you start to know the basics of the game, you should start with certain types of tennis balls that offer certain characteristics such as less speed that makes your training more optimal.

Little by little you will advance in your game model and you will begin to specialize in the surface of the tennis court in which you will play, you will find fast court, clay court or grass court, that will make you start looking for tennis balls that fit those surfaces and offer optimal performance.

As you improve and performance in the game there will be other criteria that you will take into account such as the environment where you will play and how your juice elements are combined with each other, the racket with the tennis ball, or the string with the racket etc.

As you will realize there is a series of criteria or possibilities that makes you realize that the decision of which tennis ball to choose is important, Wilson Ball Tour We can tell you that it can be a standard model that meets many of the criteria necessary to enjoy a good game.


As you can see, both in our blog and in many other pages and articles that you will find, you will see different opinions that will help you decide which tennis ball is ideal for you, but you should always take into account certain criteria that will help you make the best decision.

Every time you decide to buy a tennis ball, ask yourself the following questions:

  • On which ground will I play (in one or several)?
  • How expert am I at playing tennis (am I a beginner or professional)?
  • In what environment will I play mostly my matches?

However, we assure you that the Wilson Tour ball can meet your expectations when asking you these questions.

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