Best tennis strings for professionals

The string is the soul of the racket and professionals know it, that’s why they are always aware of changing and adjusting them when they have already lost tension. The tennis strings for professionals have characteristics that make them particular and differentiate them from the strings for beginners or amateurs, here we will tell you which are the best.

Tennis brands have focused their efforts on providing the best strings to players depending on the level they are at (beginner, intermediate or advanced), another criterion they have is the style of play, some prefer speed and aggressiveness, others like to have match control and attack at the right moments, each of these variables makes the player need a suitable tennis string.

Let me show you what are the tennis strings for professionals and how to distinguish them in the market.

What type of tennis player are tennis strings for professionals?

Tennis strings for professionals are For those tennis players They train more than 4 days a week, constantly have matches and games and give exhaustive use to their racket, play with effects have good strength when hitting, and know that they have to be changing their string whenever it requires it.

Professional tennis players measure the tension of their tennis strings, the range of tensions they handle goes from 18kg to 42kg. And it is not that they have the same tension with which they always play, according to their strategies their tension varies depending on who they play against and the strategy chosen to raise the game.

Many of the professional players, even if they take 5 or 8 rackets to the game, always ask to change the string of all even if they have not used them, even in the same match they can tend to change the racket because of not feeling the tension they wanted for a specific match, for this reason they carry even their tennis strings for professionals in their backpack, A curious fact but that only the elite of players can understand.

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Keep in mind that each brand offers you a variety of tennis strings for professionals that accommodate the type of ground on which you will play, quality and durability, three important criteria when choosing a professional string, however keep in mind that these strings have many variables that you must know and be at a high level to understand them.

The best strings for professionals of 2023

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Tennis strings for professionals on offer

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What is the best tennis string for professionals?

#1 Luxilon Alu Power String

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The luxilon string is considered one of the most popular in ATP tournaments, For one reason: the aluminium in the string enhances playability and provides impressive power and control. Its unique unique composition of polyetheretherketone exceeds all quality standards and achieves virtually zero string variation. Completely impervious to weather conditions such as humidity, ALU Power delivers unrivalled performance to achieve championship results or last for hours in a decisive match.

They say that more than 60% of the top 100 players in the world use THE LUXILON ALU POWER STRING, for this reason it is listed as one of the best tennis strings for professionals. Luxilon catapulted as one of the best producers of rope to be able to remove the polyetheretherketone material. A milestone for rope technology in the world of tennis.

#2 Tecnifibre Black Code

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A classic copolyester string for tennis rackets with the latest technology. 100% made in Germany. Thanks to the large number of color additives, this string for tennis rackets is especially vivid and explosive. The round profile allows various playing possibilities with high stability. It offers greater control, great acceleration and more touch. A larger diameter guarantees greater durability, typical of tennis strings for professionals.

The Black Pearl string is considered as an elite string, for heavy rackets, ideal for professional players. Copolyester: ideal for ambitious players who like to rotate, without giving up control. The copolyester cordage provides durability, due to the low slippage of the ropes, these also work at lower hardness.

#3 Luxilon 4G tennis string

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The Luxilon string It provides maximum voltage and special power, effects and comfort, all this thanks to Maximum Tension Maintenance technology, the molecular chains that make up the 4G product are strategically aligned in parallel. This minimizes entanglement to ensure less drag. 4G is made of the famous Luxilon polyether-ether (ALU Power) and equipped with nucleates.

Luxilon will always be at the top of tennis strings for professionals, it is considered an optimal string for players who want control with a durable rope, the loss of tension is reduced so you can enjoy your string for longer, it has cushioning properties that will make you feel less effort when hitting the ball.

#4 Wilson Revolve Spin Tennis String

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With its unique pentagonal shape and low-friction UHMW material, Revolve Spin grips the ball and delivers an exceptional bite. The cross-linked ester polymer composition of this string amplifies the maintenance of tension and touch, proving to be an excellent choice for aggressive players looking to perform a wide spin while keeping the ball within the lines.

The WILSON REVOLVE SPIN comes with a material well known by tennis players: polyester, this material does not go out of fashion yet for the properties of cushioning and durability that come, Wilson brings us his patented technologies to give us a professional size string, thanks to that it enters the podium of tennis strings for professionals.

How to string your professional tennis racket?

We bring you 2 options to string your tennis strings for professionals or any other, one may be that you send it to string in the tennis stores and the other is that if you want to string it you will need:

What you do or if you need is a stringing machine, punch, pliers. And your favorite string

  1. The racket is adjusted on the machine

2. It is recommended to start stringing vertically in the center for good tension

3. When you have finished the verticals you go to the horizontal ones, but these must be interspersed (above and below) and when you go to another row you start in the other direction

4. To ensure that your string is good you can make double knot helping you with the pliers

Maybe reading it makes you complicated and boring so we have left you this video where Roberto Chong explains much better how to do it and by observing you can learn better.

Racket dimensions and string pattern are relevant: Thin stringing is ideal for small rackets, while thicker strings are ideal for larger rackets or modern rackets.

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