Best tennis rackets for kids 100-119cm

Are you looking for a children’s tennis racket for your child? This is the only tennis racket guide for kids you’ll ever need to read. The choice of tennis racket is very important for the way tennis is played and it is even more important to choose the best junior tennis racket (100-119cm) for children, when they are just starting with this sport.

Some parents make the mistake of buying a tennis racket that is too big or too heavy for a child to handle properly. This hinders the learning stage and can lead to injury.

So we elaborated this guide for junior tennis rackets between 100 and 119cm.

How to choose the best racket for a child?

raquetas de tenis junior

The most important aspect of buying a junior tennis racket is choosing the right size.

Size dictates everything about a tennis racket. If it’s too short, your child won’t be able to comfortably extend their arm and will find it difficult to pass the ball through the net. If it is too long, it will be difficult to handle and you will have trouble even hitting the ball.

If you’re looking for a tennis racket in a store, this is the simplest method to see if a junior tennis racket fits your child.

Have your child stand up straight, well, and tall. Place the handle of the tennis racket in your child’s hand with the head of the tennis racket facing the floor. Have him extend his arms to his sides. If the head of the tennis racket is lightly touching the ground or just above, congratulations, that’s it!

However, if the end of the racket doesn’t touch the ground, you should probably pass the next size. Or, if the racket is too big, drop one size.

If you want to shop online and don’t get a chance to see the racket in person first, don’t worry! For children, these follow a standard size guide for junior tennis rackets. Below is a table showing common racket lengths by age.

2 to 4 years
19″ Racket
5 to 6 years
3 feet 11″ (119cm)
21″ Racket
6 to 8 years
3 feet 11″ to 4 feet 4″ (119cm – 132cm)
23″ Racket
8 to 10 years
4 feet 4″ to 4 feet 8″ (132cm – 142cm)
25″ Racket
10 to 12 years
4 feet 8″ to 5 feet 2″ (142cm – 157cm)
26″ Racket

Best tennis rackets for kids 100-119cm

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Tennis rackets 100-119cm on sale

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The best tennis rackets for kids 100-119cm

#1 Wilson US Open 21 Racket

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Designed especially for younger children who are eager to get on the court and play, the Wilson US Open Junior tennis racket is the perfect starter racket for kids. It’s made of lightweight aluminum and has a vibrant color scheme that your kids will love.

Primarily, the Wilson US Open Junior racket is for children aged 10 and under and this particular racket is aimed at beginners who have just entered the court.

After buying this junior tennis racket, we also recommend Buy some slower tennis balls specifically to help your Son to learn tennis. They are highly recommended because they bounce more slowly than normal tennis balls. This gives your child more time and It helps to use your junior tennis racket as best as possible.

#2 Junior Head Speed 21 Racket

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The Speed 21 gives 4- to 6-year-olds the perfect mix of speed
and control they need for their modern game.

HEAD SPEED junior racket series helps kids get off to a start
Perfect for today’s modern game. The SPEED 21 is made of a
Lightweight graphite composite that gives this racket the weight and advantages
Perfect for children between 4 and 6 years old.

#3 Wilson Blade Feel Racket

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The Wilson Blade is the Junior variant of the latest series. This new Ultra series features a technology that makes the racket feel stable and powerful. This way you can generate even more ball speed. The junior variant is a clone of the adult version, but has a lower weight and shorter length. This makes the racket more playable for young people. The racket gives the player a combination of aggressive play with control and effect.

The racket only weighs 215 grams (with string). This weight is comfortable for young people, but still offers enough power and control in combination with the 16 x 18 stringing pattern. The Junior 23 variant is suitable for players aged 7 to 9.

#4 Babolat Nadal 21 Racket

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This 53.5 cm racket is ideal for young tennis fans from 4 to 6 years of age. With its 180 g, it is light with a great sweet spot for good power, this racket is easy to hit and is perfect for the young fan of Rafael Nadal. Named precisely in honor of this player the Tennis racket for kids Babolat features an 81-in-2 head to generate power in a more comfortable and efficient way, as well as Shorter frame length and lower weight – all adjusted accordingly for proper sensation in the child’s hand.

This eye-catching frame ships stringed with synthetic nylon thread in a 16 x 17 rope pattern, while the head cover offers essential protection and security when stored between uses.

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