Best Kids Tennis Balls 2023

Of course, the world of tennis is for all ages, especially for those who from an early age want to focus on a discipline such as tennis, here we will explain the different kinds of children’s tennis balls and you will find the best and best sellers!

As you can see, every element that is used in tennis such as rackets, shoes, tennis balls, etc. They have different characteristics that accommodate the player, in the wide range of tennis balls you will find several types of balls that will accommodate the age, the difficulty of training and the track or terrain in which it is played.

Let me show you some of the best kids tennis balls you’ll find on the market.

Why do children have to use softer balls?

Children’s tennis balls are intended to protect the child’s training at an early ageTo avoid injuries, soft balls are softer and lighter, bone, have less pressure which helps their rebound is slow. Slower or softer balls are designed to bounce less (and go slower through the air) to suit the height and level of the player. So children can hit the tennis ball and concentrate better on placement

You will find children's tennis balls that come in presentation of several balls, also depending on the age and how soft you want them to be, let us show you the full range of children's tennis balls that you will find in the market.

pelota de tenis de niños 01

Keep in mind that each brand offers you a variety of children's tennis balls that accommodate the type of floor on which you will play, age and speed, three important criteria when choosing an ideal tennis ball pack.

The best children's tennis balls

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Best Kids Tennis Ball Deals

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Best Tennis Balls Stage 1

These are the best stage one children’s tennis balls on the market to start in the world of tennis.

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Stage 1 tennis balls stand out for their green color, they are faster than Orange (stage 2), but slower and bounce less than the yellow ball. This helps experienced players to continue to develop good technique and implement advanced tactics, you will find different brands of balls that vary in their technologies but maintain the criteria of a Stage 1 ball. But at the end of the day, this type of tennis balls should only be used by children who have not developed the necessary muscles to return heavier balls such as stage 2, 3 and normal.

Best Tennis Balls Stage 2

If you are looking for options for a child between 8 and 10 years old at this level, these are the best balls we recommend.

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These children’s tennis balls are appropriate for children aged 8-10 years. The balls are faster and continue to provide an optimal hitting zone and the possibility of implementing tactics. Advanced, each brand maintains the same criteria of pressure and color but adjust to their own technologies, it is a matter of taste to know which one to choose.

Best Tennis Balls Stage 3

Here we suggest the best stage 3 tennis balls you will find on the market.

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The red ones are the slowest children’s tennis balls on the market, ideal for a start in the world of tennis at an early age, with this they develop good techniques and real tactics can be used that will improve as they advance from “stage”. Ideal for children around 5 years old.

Types of tennis balls for children

Keep in mind that each type offers you a number of children's tennis balls that vary in some characteristics, we will explain in detail but summarized what we have been talking about, there are 3 types of balls for children because for each stage there are different characteristics in tennis balls.

Stage 1

  • For children 9-10 years old
  • It is the transition ball to pass to the yellow standard ball
  • Has 25% less pressure than normal balls
  • They are yellow with a green center
pelota de tenis stage 1
pelota de tenis stage 2

Stage 2

  • For children 8-10 years old
  • It is the transition ball to move to the green
  • It has 50% less pressure are softer than the previous ones
  • They are yellow with orange center

Stage 3

  • For children 5-8 years old
  • It is the initiation ball to tennis are even softer than oranges
  • They have 75% less pressure and are slightly larger than the others
  • They are yellow with red center

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