Best Junior Tennis Shoes | 2023

He has finally managed to get his son interested in the sport of tennis, or maybe just interested in himself. In any case, you look at the tennis landscape and wonder what the hell your child needs. Obviously, you will need a racket, and on our blog we have a great article on how to buy the right tennis racket for your child based on their age, as well as the tennis balls and court sizes they should use. However, one of the most common mistakes parents make is footwear. Many simply go to their local store and buy a pair of children’s running shoes or other workout shoes.

Although these shoes are great for everyday activities, they are not at all ideal for the sport of tennis. So…

Can children's running shoes be used to play tennis?

Short answer: No. But why not? Even at the junior level, tennis shoes are designed with improved lateral stability and support that far exceeds the capabilities of running shoes and sneakers. In this context, by “tennis shoes,” I mean shoes designed for tennis, not the colloquial form that simply means “shoes” or “sneakers.” There are many reasons why it is important to get a tennis shoe designed for tennis, but the main one is safety. At the most basic level, tennis shoes are designed to prevent the ankles from rotating during quick lateral movements, while running shoes are designed to be extremely light and to move forward. In addition, tennis shoes last much longer, as they are designed to withstand blows.

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If all this is new to you, here are our recommended tennis shoes for boys and girls.

The best junior shoes

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Junior tennis shoes at the best price

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What is the best tennis shoe for kids?

#1 Adidas Courtflash shoe

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These Junior tennis shoes are ideal for any child. They have a very good impact absorption and also comes with breathable holes so that the inside of the shoe is well ventilated. The great advantage of tennis shoes compared to other types of shoes is their long durability, being resistant to shocks and even water.

#2 Head Revolt Pro 4.0 Junior Shoe

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Head always makes my good children’s sneakers and this is one of them. They are probably the most comfortable shoes of the 4 that we show you in this article. The most innovative thing about this shoe is that they have the “quicklace” technology that makes putting on and taking off the shoe faster and easier than ever. This is a great advantage for children who still have trouble tying their laces.

#3 Babolat Jet Junior Shoe

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These tennis shoes for kids have the name “clay” which means clay. But really this type of soles can be used perfectly for the hard court as well.

The Babolat brand always produces very well cushioned shoes and this children’s model does not fall short. It has the Compressions KS system technology that allows it to do just this, cushion the foot every time there is impact with the surface.

#4 Wilson Kaos 2.0 K Shoe

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This model of boy’s tennis shoe almost the same as the other wilson model on this list. The main difference is that it has Velcro as a grip system. This can make your child’s life easier. Many colors are also available for different tastes. We highly recommend it.

Some tennis products we recommend:

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