Best Junior tennis rackets

As you have noticed in each of our articles, there is a variety of tennis rackets that depend on the age and height of the child to know which racket is ideal for training and playing competitively.

Choosing a tennis racket It can become a tedious task if you do not understand the characteristics they must have to optimize the game and provide empathy with the player, if your child measures more than 140cm the junior tennis rackets are ideal to start the process of training children to a more arduous training as it is with young people.

Adult Lite rackets or 26-inch child rackets?

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As you can see, if you are reading this article it is because your son is already moving to a stage where he has an adequate height and is crossing the barrier to become a young promise of tennis. In order to understand which racket you should choose at this point, you will realize that experience is a relevant factor for your decision.

Let us show you some advantages of adult lite rackets and 26-inch junior tennis rackets:

26-inch junior tennis rackets

Adult Rackets Lite

The best junior tennis rackets

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Junior tennis rackets for kids on sale

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Best 26-inch rackets for young tennis players

#1 Babolat Nadal Rafa Junior Racket

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Power. 85%
Effect. 90%
Control. 90%

The Babolat Nadal Rafa junior tennis racket , as the name implies, its 26 inches indicates to be an ideal companion for children between 9 and 11 years old with a low training experience. It has a Damp + technology of the Babolat brand allowing to isolate the impacts and reduce the energy produced by the vibrations.

The NADAL RAFA JUNIOR has a weight of 245g . with a string pattern of 16 x 19, has the same design line that the Babolat Aero brings. We recommend this racket for any tennis court you play on.

#2 Wilson Blade Feel

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Power. 96%
Effect. 85%
Control. 83%

The Blade Feel tennis racket is an ideal racket for children / young people with a height greater than 140cm. comes with the usual technology of the WILSON brand that is the Quadiform, very similar to the Damp + of HEAD, which provides better control of the racket by minimizing the impact of vibrations.

The WILSON BLADE FEEL has a weight of 255g, ideal for training at an early age but with 26 inches that indicates that we are already moving to a more advanced stage of training, manufactured in graphics, an element that allows the lightness that this racket has without losing power and grip.

#3 Wilson Pro Staff Racket

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Power. 96%
Effect. 85%
Control. 83%

One of the most recommended junior tennis rackets is the Wilson Pro Staff, this is a light version of the well-known Federer , has the same capacity, effects and speed but focused on beginner players who are making their way to an intermediate training. It has a weight of 260g making it lighter and easier to use.

The WILSON PRO STAFF comes with a string pattern of 16 x 19, ideal to start with an intermediate training, with black technology that is a composite of carbon fibers that makes the racket lighter and more resistant.

#4 Head Gravity Racket

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Power. 96%
Effect. 85%
Control. 83%

The Junior Head Gravity tennis racket ideal for those small players who want to enter the world of tennis at a competitive level, with technologies of the HEAD brand. It provides stability in hitting and balance in vibrations , comes in a striking orange color, unusual in tennis rackets.

The HEAD GRAVITY is designed with a graphite and fiberglass structure, giving it lightness and resistance to last a long time and of course brings the usual Damp + technology to stabilize vibrations.

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