Best tennis rackets for intermediate players

There are so many good rackets on the market, with different technologies developing, that different players will find that they perform better with different rackets. In, what we plan to do is give you some tips to choose the best tennis rackets for intermediate players. With your beginner racket you wanted something that would make it easier to learn the basics and get the ball back on the other side of the court. However, with your intermediate level racket, you’re going to want something that gives you a little more performance to try and get the most out of the strokes you’ve already developed.

However, there needs to be a big focus on gameplay, and you need a racket to help you keep improving your strokes. Like any racket, this is going to depend largely on your level of play, style of play, age and fitness, so it’s all about finding the racket that suits you.

What type of player are amateur tennis rackets for?

jugador de tenis intermedio

An intermediate player usually plays recreationally, but for a minimum period of 12-24 months. It’s this player who wants to take his game to the next level. He can hit the ball over the net consistently but can’t always control where it goes on the court. Usually, he just tries to get it back. He prefers to hit from side to side (usually from the right). His groundstrokes and serve don’t have much power or effect. For this player we bring this article of recommendations to find the best intermediate tennis rackets available.

The best intermediate rackets

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Tennis rackets for intermediate players on offer

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What is the best tennis racket for amateur players?

#1 Wilson Ultra Team Tennis Racket

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The Ultra Team racket is perfect for young players looking for their first adult racket. The lightweight, tolerant and powerful model will allow them to progress. Refined matte white and bright red make this model simple and elegant.

Player Benefits: Maneuverability – Tolerance – Power

This lightweight racket (249 grams) with extraordinary maneuverability will be ideal for young players or adults looking for comfort. The large head size of 658 cm² will make it easier for you to hit the ball in the center of the racket to improve playability and optimize power thanks to the accentuated trampoline effect.

Manoeuvrability 95%
Tolerance 80%
Power 88%

The 34 cm balance will allow you to accelerate the head of the racket to hit an excellent amount of speed on the ball.From the bottom of the court, this racket will allow you to hit the ball pleasantly and deeply. This should satisfy players who enjoy hitting topspin thanks to the very versatile 16 x 20 stringing pattern.

#2 Head Geo Speed Racket

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If you are not only looking for a cheap racket, but also one that has an attractive and elegant design. Then the Head Geo Speed tennis racket is the right choice for you. With the features it comes with, you will experience positive results in your game.

The Head Geo Speed tennis racket has a head size of 103 square inches offering more accuracy, better stability and coverage area. The head size of this racket helps you put more power into your shot. It also gives you the durability you need to perform like a pro.

In summary this racket makes powerful the blows of the ball, the design is elegant and attractive. It is lightweight and offers more gameplay and flexibility. It is mostly comfortable to use.

Manoeuvrability 78%
Tolerance 65%
Power 90%

The handle of this racket comes with a cushioned air grip. This makes the racket comfortable to hold. It also gives you an ultra-smooth feel while using the racket to play. The material used for this racket gives you a firm grip. This allows you to move the racket in any direction, and you can do it with maximum force.

#3 Wilson Burn 100 Tennis Racket

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Fire up your tennis game with the US Open. With touches of bright orange, yellow and black, the US Open can not miss on the track. This new US Open series will appeal to players with powerful groundstrokes looking to hit those tough shots. Wilson has added parallel drilling technology for a more consistent and forgiving response off the rope and a larger sweet spot. In addition, the new X2 axle creates a longer, narrower and rounded grip for greater leverage and faster grip changes.


Manoeuvrability 58%
Tolerance 75%
Power 78%

From the moment you enter the track you are rewarded with easy power. You can effortlessly do background shots to push back your opponents. At the net, it provides a solid, crisp feel that helps finish points efficiently, plus you can generate power and easy spins on your serves, even if it takes you a little while to get comfortable with this racket.

The US Open has a stiffer feel, which is its only problem. In general, players looking for easy power, especially those who like to play most of their points from the baseline, should definitely try the US Open.

#4 Head Ti S6 Tennis Racket

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Perfect for beginners and intermediate players looking for a powerful and easy to handle racket. The NT ELITE POWER is a racket weighing 275 g that has great handling and is very comfortable to play. This racket is made with HEAD´S Aeroskin CX and NT Weave technologies. With a balance point of 340 mm, this racket provides a lot of power and the 16/19 stringing pattern will give your strokes not only speed, but also a lot of effect and grip.

This racket offers among its advantages:

A copper and silicone wire construction is built into the handle of the racket. This combination of materials filters and absorbs excessive vibrations. So you get a soft, crunchy and natural hitting sensation.

Manoeuvrability 63%
Tolerance 52%
Power 94%

AEROSKIN CX. A designed surface texture, inspired by shark skin, smooths airflow over your racket and reduces resistance compared to surfaces without texture.

NT WEAVE. The head and neck of the racket are constructed of carbon fiber and copper wire mesh, which helps capture negative vibrations before they reach your grip, giving you a clean, crisp shot.

NT SORB. NT SORB material reduces vibrations, without affecting sensation or touch. So you get a much more comfortable feeling when you play.
ALL IN ONE CONSTRUCTION. It eliminates all negative vibrations for a natural, direct feel and feel with maximum power. All thanks to a racket and handle made with a one-piece carbon fiber construction.

How to choose the best racket for amateur players?

Intermediate players have more to consider when choosing a racket than beginner players. You’re starting to be a better player, and there are more factors to consider.

  • What kind of swing do you have?
    Need help with power or control?
  • Do you play doubles or singles?
  • Do you play on the backline or at the net?
  • How often do you play?
  • Do you want to improve quickly?

Answer the following questions to decide for yourself what kind of tennis rackets for intermediate players you need.

mejores raquetas de tenis para jugadores intermedios

What kind of swing do you have?

If you’re developing a faster, longer swing, then you can start looking for a smaller tennis racket (less than 105 square inches). Faster swings usually mean you don’t need as much help with power, so a more controlled racket will fit better.

For a short or slow swing, you may need more power from your racket. In this case, you can look at the rackets of 100-110 square inches.

Need help with power or control?

When you’re an intermediate player, you start to place your shots on the court better. You’ve also developed a swing that constantly generates energy from the baseline to return the ball to the net, deep in the court. You should also take into account the weight and size of the racket when deciding what you are looking for. Rackets with large frames and large surface area will have more power overall. Smaller frames will have more control. Most physically fit adults with an intermediate skill level and good coordination can choose a racket between 98 and 104 square inches, and 300 g to 326 g. This will provide a good combination of power and control as you develop your swing. For women or younger teens, a heavy racket can cause tennis elbow and other injuries. In this case, try a larger racket head (over 105 square inches), and choose something under 300g.

Do you play solo, doubles or both?

Some rackets are better for singles than doubles, depending on the type of game you have. For players who prefer to stay on the baseline and hit ground shots, you can use a racket that has less mobility with a larger sweet spot and extra power. Doubles players, especially those who like to get to the net, need a racket that has good versatility. As you start playing more competitively, the speed of the ball will be faster, so a bulky racket will impair your ability to react. The best tennis rackets for doubles are below 104 square inches, which makes them more mobile, and help control and place volleys.

How often do you play tennis? Do you want to become an advanced player?

You’ll need a different racket depending on where you’re trying to go. If you plan to start taking tennis more seriously, playing leagues and tournaments, then you will need to buy a racket that allows you to improve to a more advanced skill level. Any of our options, except the Dunlop racket, will help you do that. You can also consider buying a tennis ball machine to save on lessons.

How to be a better tennis player

It is important to remember that there is no perfect way to play tennis, but there are some fundamentals that can improve the game of any tennis player. Here are some important tips:

Getting the right grip

Although it is often overlooked, the way you grip a tennis racket is one of the most important aspects of the game. Most professional players use a grip known as “continental” on their serves and volleys. The simplest way to achieve this grip is to simply pick up the racket and hold it as if your hands were shaking, the knuckle of your index finger should be on the upper right bezel (angle) of the racket.

However, in long-distance running, the most common grip is called “semi-western”. Simply move the knuckle of your index finger towards the lower right bezel of the racket. Most professionals use this grip because it imparts a much greater amount of topspin on the ball, bringing more power and control.

Prepare early for background shots

Once you know where the ball is going to bounce, put yourself in a position where you feel more comfortable playing the shot. The higher you do your backswing, the more power you are likely to generate. However, the more complex the swing, the more it can go wrong under pressure, so finding the right balance is key. Try using your other hand to support the racket while carrying it back, this will ensure that when you move forward, you will be getting a good rotation, which can lead to more power in your strokes.

Keep your head still when playing tennis

If you come across missed shots, try to make sure you’re not lifting or shaking your head while playing. Follow the ball with your racket and keep your head still until the shot has been played. Make sure you do this and it will improve your balance and the consistency of your game.

Practice serving the tennis ball

When serving, one of the most common problems for beginners is that they struggle with the ball serve. Getting a bucket of balls and practicing throwing the ball, without actually hitting it, is a relatively easy way to rectify the problem. The ball should go directly up and go down about 45 cm in front of the foot that leads it. This gives your serve some forward momentum and adds speed.

Don’t be yourself during tennis matches

It’s very easy to be overly critical of your own mistakes, especially if it’s a shot you’d normally do very comfortably. If you miss an easy shot, just tell yourself “I won’t do it again” and practice the shot with the correct movement. Even if you miss the same shot on the next point, as long as you keep up with the right action, in the end it will turn out well, and you will be a better player for it.

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