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We can say that the hard court type tennis courts are tracks that are built on cement, asphalt or plastic, it is also considered as a fast track to play since when playing with low and fast boats makes the game much faster, the movement from one corner to another on the court will make you have the need to use hard court tennis shoes to withstand the constant changes of pace.

We know that this tennis court is an advantage for those players who have enough strength in their serves or tend to move the player from one side to another, the hard courts offer less cushioning when hitting the ball, and therefore to the shoe, this makes the ideal tennis shoes for hard court have an additional percentage of cushioning to avoid wear.

What should you consider before buying hard court tennis shoes?

As we mentioned before, on a hard court you will experience a lot of speed, you will give relatively hard steps with very low cushioning and a very low percentage of friction for the ball, therefore the energy occupied in the blow will not be so affected so the ball will reach your side of the court in a matter of milliseconds. Having tennis shoes for hard court will guarantee you reach different sides of the court quickly and without losing much energy, energy that you can occupy in your serves or hard strokes.

Hard court tennis shoes should be shoes that withstand the high friction that will be generated by going quickly from one side of the court to another, must withstand abrasion and have a sole solid enough to last a couple of matches, cushioning is an important component to avoid excessive expenditure of force, If you find a shoe with these characteristics then you will be In front of a competition-type hard court tennis shoes.

Several brands have put technology in our favor to improve the redemption of the player depending on the court where he is playing, you will find several hard court tennis shoes of different brands with their own characteristics, your style of play and your level will allow you to choose the best for you.

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Keep in mind that each brand offers you a variety of different hard court tennis shoes, however the criteria that we recommend you see when buying are the following, reinforced sole, good cushioning and light feeling when running.

Best Hard Court Shoes

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Hard court tennis shoes on sale

In addition to the options we have for you showing you the hard court tennis shoes, we also have options of other shoes from different brands that can accommodate your own style, what are you waiting for to see them!

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What is the best Hard Court tennis shoe?

#1 Head Classic Tennis Shoe

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Head tennis shoes are characterized by being shoes with a very good quality in terms of hard court handling, The Revolt Pro line has been revolutionizing the style of play on hard court for 3 years with its first shoe, It brings the characteristics of hard court shoes with the following technologies such as the TRI-N-R-G midsone System that allows easy cushioning with a warm sensation when touching the floor.

The HEAD CLASSIC has Energy Frame Tech technology giving stability on the side sides, allowing to improve movements by changes of direction and improving mobility around a fast court, undoubtedly an important feature in hard court tennis shoes.

#2 Wilson Rush Pro

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The Wilson brand is characterized by making durable sneakers of very good quality, These characteristics greatly favor hard court players since it allows them to have less wear and tear as there are lateral supports and reinforced rubber, it allows you a quiet game without wear to take advantage of it in your strength and hits with the ball.

The WILSON RUSH PRO ACE is a shoe with a very good price / quality ratio, although the new balance brand is not well known in the world of tennis, for amateurs and beginners it can be an affordable implement at a reasonable cost and with characteristics very similar to competition shoes.

#3 K-Swiss Court Express Tennis Shoe

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K-Swiss surprises us with these special hard court tennis shoes for those cement / plastic court and high speed, is designed for all profiles of players, adapts perfectly to the foot and the style of play that is chosen, brings its classic lace closure, a woven and perforated upper to improve the air that passes through the shoe, You will feel great comfort from the first step, somethey can compare its quality with the Wilson Kaos.

The KSWISS COURT bring with it the POWERSTRAPS technology that consists of an addition of two side straps that will help to have better stability in the middle of the sole or the midfoot, this provides an ideal cushioning in this type of tracks, the energy saved you can spend on strong blows and a greater speed of response.

#4 New Balance V4 Hard Court

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New Balance tennis shoes of the Hard Court line offer a solution to the hard court player, that is, those who like to play on all kinds of shaved and synthetic courts, the New Balance have the usual technology of the brand that provides stability and anti-wear giving a durable sole, avoiding wear in rapid movements and displacement changes.

The NEW BALANCE in its complete line has a striking design for its combination of colors (blue and orange or (yellow and black), with a very fine contrast that will allow you to distinguish a New Balance shoe from meters away.

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